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Latest Headlines

These are the most desired IoT skills

Upwork, a website that connects up freelance talent with employers, took a look at its database of Internet of Things job postings to understand how the demand has grown, and what skills are most desired right now.   

Salesforce builds its IoT Cloud on Amazon Web Services

Salesforce is building a new Internet of Things service on Amazon's cloud computing facilities, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.

SIGFOX brings subscription-based IoT network to the US

SIGFOX, a French firm that offers a subscription-based network dedicated to Internet of Things devices, is bringing its IoT connectivity to the U.S. market.

Microsoft acquires Solair, aims to enhance enterprise IoT offerings

Microsoft has acquired Italian Internet of Things company Solair for an undisclosed consideration. Solair delivers IoT services to a range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, and transportation.

Samsung makes deeper commitment to enterprise IoT with ARTIK Cloud platform

Enterprises and developers may be pleased to know Samsung took an even deeper dive into the Internet of Things with the release of its  ARTIK Cloud platform this week.

Intel's updated development IoT kit lets developers use Bluemix, Watson, Brillo and more

Intel apparently wants developers to have as easy a time as possible building useful, intelligent wearables, gadgets, robots and drones. The latest version of the company's development kit for Internet of Things devices has been released.

IoT market to grow to 75.4B installed devices in 2025, says IHS

The Internet of Things market is forecast by market research firm IHS to increase from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025.

Smart home convenience, efficiency come with a data security price

While the Internet of Things promises great convenience for consumers and greater efficiency for enterprises, that convenience and efficiency could come at a price in terms of data security risk.

Raspberry Pi 3 releases with 10 times the performance over first model

The Raspberry Pi 3 is officially on sale for $35, the same price of the previous model. The micro device is a leading force in the Internet of Things. It's tiny, but still packs the processing power needed to execute complicated local processes.

IBM thinks blockchain is the future of transactions for multiple industries

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies haven't had the revolutionary effect on the finance industry some proponents were hoping for. However, several organizations, including IBM, are finding one of the core components behind the tech – the blockchain – to have a bevy of use cases elsewhere in the enterprise.