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Latest Headlines

For Intel, mobile success remains elusive

Intel, the chip powerhouse for PCs, has been struggling to gain a significant foothold in the mobile chip market dominated by Qualcomm.

4 Internet of Things consortiums draw 'lines in the sand' for next big battle

You know a new technology has evolved past the embryonic phase when three or more teams of tech players close ranks to decide how to make use of it.

This week's 5 hot new apps: Set up connected homes in a Wink; Budgeting to get Level Money; more

A roundup of the 5 hottest new apps of the past week.

News Scan: Microsoft teams with Qualcomm on IoT standards; European regulator clears Telefonica's $11.7B E-Plus buy; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, July 2, including Microsoft joining Qualcomm in an IoT standards group, Telefonica's E-Plus buy approved by European Commission, firms outsourcing mobile marketing efforts due to lack of in-house talent, increase of mobile broadband traffic and China's fastest growing Android phone maker Xiaomi reports 271 percent sales increase.

Spotlight: The Internet of Things has a problem with 'Things'

If inventory systems become automated to the extent that they can track your purchases passively in real-time, is your privacy being violated?

Forget IoT: Get ready for the monitoring of things

Dick Paessler writes that we don't yet know if the Internet of Things will live up to all the hype, but he is convinced that for the network administrator of the future, this rising comlexity will bring a whole new set of challenges.

News Scan: Security costs and DNS attacks; UK employers back software development degree; more

The top news stories for June 17, 2014.

News Scan: Wireless traffic to surpass wired by 2018; MapQuest teams with MLB; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, June 11 including wireless Internet traffic surpassing wired by 2018, IT leaders ignorance of the impact of the data dump from mobile apps on infrastructure, almost 3M wearable band shipments in the first quarter, the rise of IoT developers and how MapQuest and MLB are shaking up the mobile content landscape.

IoT stands for 'Increase of Threats' for many CIOs

Ask CIOs what they think of the Internet of Things, and the first thing they are likely to say is increased security nightmares, a new study reveals.

News Scan: IoT to revolutionize business, daily life; Mobile contactless payments users to reach 300M; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, June 4 including the explosion of the IoT market in the coming years, the growth of mobile contactless payments users, wireless infrastructure deployments pushing radio frequency power chip spending over $1 billion, the focus on customer acquisition and retention by mobile marketers and Sequoia Capital's $15 million investment in Indian mobile multiplayer gaming firm Octro.