Internet of Things

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Latest Headlines

Is a sensible communications network of things really an Internet?

Technology analysts and writers imagine a world where you, your car and your toaster all have Facebook pages. Engineers see the future somewhat differently.

Internet of Things will be a key enabler of the digital business of the future

The Internet of Things, in which billions of smart devices and objects communicate through wired and wireless infrastructure, will be a key enabler for digital business of the future, says Gartner.

News Scan: MIT develops 'NSA proof' platform; IoT and M2M market to be worth $499 trillion; more

The top news stories for April 9, including the latest attempt by MIT to keep private information from snoops like the NSA, the expected growth in the IoT and M2M market, one vet's program designed to help fellow servicemen and how more states are approaching the cloud.

Internet of Things won't be gentle on your data center

The Internet of Things will have a disruptive influence on many data centers, notes research firm Gartner in its latest study.

Kore COO: Not enough incentive exists for an 'Internet of Things' economy

One of the world's principal experts on machine-to-machine systems reasons that as machines communicate more efficiently, the incentive for someone to handle their transactions may actually go down.

4G LTE competition shifts from coverage to higher data speeds, more capacity

4G LTE competition among mobile operators is moving from expanding coverage to providing higher data speeds and increased capacity, judges Strategy Analytics.

Mobile World Congress brings new ideas, products to mobile marketing

Many mobile marketers used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to present their new ideas and products for the future. Some rely on current technology, while others are looking forward to new products.

News Scan: Cisco challenge seeks fixes for IoT risks; IBM layoffs come amidst hiring; more

The top news stories for March 3, 2014.

Will smart machines take away your job?

Will the rise of smart machines, the so-called "Internet of Things," make your job obsolete?

News Scan: A $19 trillion IoT; Time management for CIOs; more

Top news stories for Jan. 27, 2014.