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Latest Headlines

Pentagon EHR project could be expensive flop

For some time now, the Pentagon has been planning to announce a new records system that, among other things, would integrate nicely with the VA's recent attempts to modernize its electronic health records system for better interoperability between agencies. At the eleventh hour, healthcare providers and politicians close to the project say it will be an expensive and inefficient flop.

Docs get political backing against EHR vendors holding patient data hostage

Physicians anxious (or at least willing) to bring electronic health records into their practice got a rude awakening recently when they discovered  EHR vendors are locking down the patient information contained within the records. 

Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improved access to big data for organizations.

4G LTE deployment enables advanced emergency response technology, notes Frost

The deployment of 4G LTE networks is enabling the use of advanced emergency response technology by first responders, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.

Lack of standards, interoperability problems holding M2M back

A full 86 percent of wireless industry executives surveyed by IHS Research identified lack of standards, diverse architectures, and interoperability problems as the top challenges to mass machine-to-machine communications (M2M) adoption.

Wi-Fi, WiGig alliances to merge

The Wi-Fi Alliance and Wireless Gigabit Alliance have agreed to merge to become a unified wireless technology development and certification body.

FCC moves to open more frequencies to wireless use

The Federal Communications Commission, in a series of moves announced at its public meeting March 20, will be opening up new spectrum for wireless activities and is launching a new Incentive Auction

Your phone must roam

The FCC may not have gone quite as far in open wireless

802.11n standard coming

Excited about 802.11n's promised speed but worried about

Get Ready for IMS

IP Multiple Subsystems (IMS) is the technology most likely to take the enterprise into the convergence promised land of wireline, cable and mobile communications systems working in perfect