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Latest Headlines

Encouraging women in tech should start early and last a long time

Many are trying to find out why women aren't as well represented in tech. Some assume it's lack of interest, others assume a lack of encouragement. Whatever the reasons may be, Swati Mylavarapu has an idea of what can be done to fix the problem, and it starts long before women are even considering careers. 

RAD tools enable shift in dev responsibilities

The idea of the no-code developer has been on my mind lately, especially as I continue my – sometimes failing – efforts to learn Python for use on a RaspberryPi device. Rapid application development tools are nothing new, of course, but what is a newer concept is pushing more application development responsibilities out of the IT department to the business users.

Intuit: The no-code developer exists in enterprises

The trend toward putting more development responsibility on the shoulders of business users looks to be more than vendor hype. The results of a survey conducted by Intuit show that 68 percent of IT professionals have developed applications with somebody outside of their functional area.

Spotlight: Docstoc shutting down

According to its website, Docstoc, the site where users share business documents with co-workers and others, is shutting down on Dec. 1.

5 hot new enterprise apps: Getting smart with Smartsheet; Lookout app targets IT departments; more

Check out 5 hot new enterprise apps.

Silicon Valley wage-theft settlement is $50M shy, says judge

A federal judge has rejected the proposed $324.5 million wage-theft anti-trust settlement in the well-publicized Silicon Valley wage-fixing case, saying the amount is not nearly enough.

Dropbox disabling links to possible PDF malware, reports Cyren

The distribution sources for potentially malicious documents are actively working to disable their distribution. But a Dropbox security alert seems to indicate that's making customers mad.

News Scan: Samsung to launch standalone smartwatch; DT promises mid-Sept. iPhone 6; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for May 27, including Samsung's standalone smartwatch, one German carrier's promise about a new iPhone in September, Intuit's acquisition of a mobile bill pay service, the expected explosion in the Asia-Pacific mobile broadband industry and Kakao's purchase of Daum.

News scan: Cellular M2M devices to top 500M; Intuit buys FullSlate; more

Quick takes on Thursday, 10/31 news including: Cellular M2M growth, Inuit's new acquisition, location-based mobile ads, the new BBM and Facebook's latest findings.

Square integrates Intuit's QuickBooks accounting tools

Square is integrating Intuit's QuickBooks small business accounting software into its Register point-of-sale system, enabling merchants to automatically import transaction data into their QuickBooks customer account.