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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Wearables to take off in enterprises; Facebook faces increased mobile ad competition; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for July 24, including where the first wearables will truly flourish, the coming fight for Apple in mobile install ads, the difference in revenue between mobile websites and mobile apps, the latest connection that makes Square more approachable and a joint venture with Samsung and Oculus.

This week's 5 hot new apps: Set up connected homes in a Wink; Budgeting to get Level Money; more

A roundup of the 5 hottest new apps of the past week.

Google, Apple fight for enterprise mobility dominance while Microsoft, BlackBerry lurk in shadows

While the battle over enterprise mobility dominance has been historically unpredictable, the main players are ever-refining their platforms to reach the top. Recent conferences from Apple and Google showed their plans for future iterations to further separate themselves from one another and lurking competitors, namely Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Mozilla's Firefox mobile OS could be Android killer in emerging markets

Mozilla's Firefox mobile operating system could be an Android killer in emerging markets.

Google takes 'quantum leap' with new cross-platform UI framework

Google is preparing a new user interface framework for its products across all platforms to be called Quantum Paper, according to a report by Android Police.

Microsoft's key development platform now builds iOS apps

While Visual Studio lacks a native way for developers to design and deploy apps for iOS and Android, that gap can now be filled with just a few clicks.

mHealth app helps elderly patients with medical independence

Elderly patients who need help remembering their medication may soon need to look no further than their tablet.

Spotlight: Griffin Wired Keyboard works with iOS devices

The Griffin Wired Keyboard for iOS Devices is a keyboard ideally suited for high-security installations, or when the use of wireless is not practical or allowed.

6 factors for building a successful mHealth apps business

Here are six factors that distinguish successful mHealth app publishers from less successful firms.

Security tops enterprise mobility worries

Security is the top concern for enterprises when it comes to mobility, according to the latest Mobility Index report prepared by enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology.