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Latest Headlines

Microsoft expands its iOS, Android beachhead with SwiftKey acquisition

Microsoft announced today its acquisition of mobile keyboard software maker SwiftKey. The move fits Microsoft's relatively new strategy of offering its software for non-Windows devices and adds to the growing list of mobile productivity apps and services that the company offers to iOS and Android users.

Apple reportedly working on wireless charging that surpasses current competition

Apple is reportedly looking to incorporate wireless charging technology in its mobile devices as early as next year, according to unnamed sources who spoke with Bloomberg.

Microsoft supports one-handed layout for Word Flow keyboard on iOS

Microsoft is supporting a one-handed layout for its Word Flow keyboard on iOS, currently in beta, with a version for Android coming later, reported Brad Sams with Thurrott.com.

Apple to expand iOS app development program globally

Apple announced plans Thursday to open iOS App Development Centers around the globe, following the opening of its latest center in Europe.

Microsoft pushes Skype integration to Outlook's iOS and Android apps

Microsoft this week updated its iOS and Android Outlook apps with features that integrate Skype.

Despite Android bridge collapse, Microsoft is nearing completion of its iOS-to-Windows 10 bridge

While Microsoft's effort to build an Android bridge to Windows 10 appears to be dead in the water, its work on a bridge to port iOS apps to Windows 10 is nearing completion.

Spotlight: Skype to offer free group video calling on mobile devices

Microsoft's Skype will begin offering free group video calling on mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices, in the coming weeks.

Apple reportedly developing tool to make transferring data from iOS to Android devices easier

Apple is working on a tool that would make it easier for iOS users to transfer data to Android devices, according to a report by The Telegraph. Such a tool could have an impact on the ability to transform data in a multi-OS mobile working environment.

New iOS app from drchrono aims to streamline doctor time for patient data input

Drchrono released Thursday an iPhone app to access its electronic health record platform, a move to help doctors cut down on paperwork and bolster efficiency when seeing patients.

Cortana on iOS is pretty useless without Windows 10

I've been a loyal iPhone user for years so Cortana means very little to me. I wanted to give the app the chance to change my mind, so I downloaded it and took the virtual assistant for a spin. So how did it turn out? Meh.