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Latest Headlines

Wake iOS app lets designers share work anywhere

Any designer knows that her work doesn't just appear out of thin air. It takes time to envision a design and build it to a company's liking. Sometimes that design needs extra eyes on it throughout the process. Design-sharing software Wake may be the key to getting these designs in the appropriate hands for critique.

Microsoft unveils preview of Skype for Business mobile apps

Microsoft is asking IT admins to nominate up to eight end users to participate in a preview of Skype for Business apps for iOS and Android – up to four for iOS and up to four Android – by this Friday, Aug. 14.

Skype for Business heading to mobile devices

There are so many promises of features for Skype for Business that some enterprises must be chomping at the bit. So much potential... sometime in the future. And now there's even more news of features, but they won't be generally available until later this year. Basically, Microsoft has put the Android and iOS versions of Skype for Business into preview mode.

Android devices continue to gain enterprise ground, says Good

Despite ongoing security issues with the Android operating system, the number of Android mobile device activations continued to rise in the enterprise, according to the latest Mobility Index Report from enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology.

New iPhone and iPad and maybe even a stylus could come during Apple's September event

Rumors suggest Apple is planning an event for early September. Expected announcements include new iPhones and iPads. A big surprise could be a stylus, which, according to some reports, Apple has been working on. 

Microsoft looks for community help for its iOS-to-Windows bridge, open sources the technology

Microsoft released yesterday open-source components for its iOS-to-Windows bridge, technology that allows iOS app developers to more easily push their products to Windows devices.

Zero-day vulnerabilities on the rise, says Secunia

Fifteen zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered so far in 2015, all of them in Adobe and Microsoft products, according to a report released by security firm Secunia on Thursday at BlackHat.

Are smartwatches safe for enterprise data?

Enterprise mobility management firm MobileIron released a report at BlackHat on the security risks smartwatches pose to corporate data.

OpenSignal shows exactly why some businesses avoid Android

In the past "few months," OpenSignal has recorded an astounding 24,093 distinct Android devices that have downloaded its app. That's up from 18,796 last year and more than double the 11,868 in 2013. OpenSignal also found 1,294 manufacturers of Android phones.

Amazon opens its AWS Device Farm for iOS app testing

The new tool Amazon pushed to Android and Fire developers to test their apps earlier this month will be extended to iOS soon, in a move that makes the service more competitive with others already on the market.