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Latest Headlines

Microsoft surprises with strong Surface tablet showing

While Apple invented the tablet category, it looks like Microsoft has figured out how to monetize it.

Windows 10 Android porting bridge reportedly on hold

Microsoft is reportedly halting development of its Android app porting tool Project Astoria.

Apple revises search algorithms to make App Store apps easier to find

With more app developers developing enterprise apps for iOS devices, the ability to find those apps on the Apple App Store has become crucial. Well, Apple appears to have done some behind the scenes work to make its App Store search engine more user friendly.

OneNote adds 'badge' for Android, audio recording and file attachment for iOS

Microsoft unveiled Thursday updates to its OneNote note-taking app, including new features for Android and iOS devices that should be of interest to multi-tasking mobile enterprise users.

Mozilla pushes Firefox mobile browser for iOS devices with features similar to desktop offering

Enterprises that recommend workers use Firefox for their PCs can now access that browser on iOS devices. Mozilla released a mobile version of its Firefox browser for Apple smartphones and tablets this week.

IPad Pro: Specs for the enterprise and an OS for the consumer may lead to a device for nobody

With the iPad Pro, going on sale Wednesday, Apple takes another step to try to better capture the enterprise market. But the specs and software included on the tablet raise one question: Who exactly in the workforce is this device for?

Cortana for iOS gets one step closer

Microsoft appears to be one step closer to releasing a Cortana app for iOS devices. It's looking for "a limited number of people" to use an early version of the app.

LaunchDarkly sheds light on new mobile app development tool

LaunchDarkly, which provides a tool that enables app developers to test and control feature before launch, is expanding into the mobile space with the beta launch Thursday of its mobile continuous delivery product for iOS.

Bugs may be the reason for slowing iOS 9 adoption rates

IOS 9's rate of adoption is slowing, and bug may be to blame, according to Dave Hoch at Localytics.

Skype for Business is now available on iOS

After two months of being in preview mode, Skype for Business for iOS is now generally available.