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Latest Headlines

Almost all iOS developers are supporting iOS 7, survey finds

An overwhelming 95 percent of iOS developers are actively updating their existing apps to support Apple's new iOS 7 operating system, according to an online survey of 575 app developers conducted by Craig Hockenberry, a principal at the Icon Factory.

Chitika: Google Maps app launch has little impact on iOS 6 adoption

The much-anticipated launch of Google's native Maps application for Apple's iOS had little immediate impact on iOS 6 operating system adoption according to new data issued by digital ad network Chitika, dispelling assumptions that many users were waiting to upgrade their Apple hardware until the Google service became available for download.

Apple plugs 4 security holes in its new iOS 6

Apple has fixed four critical security holes in its iOS 6 operating system, which runs the new iPhone 5, as well as the latest versions of iPad and iPod Touch.

Evolve or perish: Apple shows the way

Apple has been a leader in evolving in response to the rapid changes in the mobile IT market. If you don't want to go the way of the dinosaur, check out our FierceMobileIT feature tracking how the iPhone and iPad have evolved for the enterprise.

Guided Access on iOS 6 could be useful for iPad enterprise use

Apple appears to thinking more about mobile enterprise users nowadays, as the Guided Access feature on iOS 6 demonstrates.

Facebook updates SDK for Apple's iOS 6

Facebook released version 3.1 of its software development kit for Apple's iOS, adding support for the platform's deep integration into the newly revamped Apple operating system.

App Store rankings fluctuate wildly after iOS 6 release

Application rankings in Apple's App Store experienced radical upheaval in the hours after the launch of the company's new iOS 6 operating system update, suggesting dramatic algorithmic changes across the storefront, analyst firm BITG Research reports.

Target rolls mobile coupons into Apple's Passbook for iOS 6

Big-box retailer Target will extend its mobile coupon service to Apple's Passbook, the new iOS 6 application that collects users' movie tickets, transit passes, retailer loyalty cards and related documents.

iPhone 5 vulnerable to same attack that breached iPhone 4 at hacker contest

The iPhone 5, hitting the stores today, is vulnerable to the same attack that successfully breached an iPhone 4S at the mobile Pwn2Own hacker contest held this week at the EUSecWest event in Amsterdam.

With 6M users, Pocket readies for iOS 6, iPhone 5

Pocket said it has updated its app to support Apple's iOS 6 operating system and the larger screen on the company's new iPhone 5.