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Latest Headlines

Does the smartphone 'kill switch' work to deter theft?

According to phone-theft data collected by the Wall Street Journal, the smartphone "kill switch" doesn't necessarily deter theft. In Seattle, for example, iPhone thefts jump more than 30 percent in the year after the kill switch technology was introduced.

Jailbreaking iOS devices: Never say fixed

IT managers find iOS devices attractive both because of their functionality and their rock-solid reputation for security. However, while it is difficult, the latest version of iOS can be successfully hacked and jailbroken, explained Georgia Tech researchers at the Black Hat conference.

Apple's fumble in enterprise opens the door for Microsoft score

Apple's enterprise offerings with iOS 7 are "not terribly innovative" compared with services currently offered by enterprise mobility management firms, opening the enterprise door to Microsoft and its Windows Phone platform, judges ABI Research senior analyst Jason McNicol.

Apple caught in Android, Windows Phone squeeze

Apple's smartphone OS market share declined again in the third quarter, while Android and Windows Phone grabbed more market share, according to the latest stats from IDC.

Apple iWork causing iPhone 5S to crash; 'Shark Tank' gives mobile app a boost; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Monday 10/14.

Mobile OS updates can overwhelm Wi-Fi networks

The size of mobile operating system updates are threatening to overwhelm Wi-Fi networks, warned Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing at Xirrus.

Apple confirms iMessage glitch in iOS 7, vows fix coming soon

Apple confirmed that it is aware of a glitch affecting iMessage users who've upgraded their device to its revamped iOS 7 operating system, promising a fix in the works.

Spotlight: Implementing SDNs

"Most operations people will tell you that they don't trust software," says Andy Brown, Group CTO of UBS.

Apple squashes lockscreen security bug with iOS 7.0.2

Apple is rolling out iOS 7.0.2, a supplemental operating system update that resolves a security vulnerability enabling anyone to bypass the device lockscreen to access personal data.

Apple device users blame iOS 7 for causing motion sickness

Consumers are blaming new zooming features and animations introduced in Apple's overhauled iOS 7 for triggering severe cases of motion sickness.