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Latest Headlines

Apple's iOS 8 and the enterprise

Now that all the flashy stuff with the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch is through, Apple is getting down to business with its new iOS 8 mobile operating system that includes some useful features for enterprises.

iOS 8: What's good for openness might be bad for security

Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 8, allows more access to the system's features, but this could allow hackers greater access as well.

WWDC: Project managers drop the ball on Apple Maps upgrade

Project managers at Apple dropped the ball on getting improvements to the much maligned Apple Maps ready for the release of iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference held last week in San Francisco.

WWDC: Enterprise mobility, mobile payments get a boost in iOS 8

At its annual developers' powwow being held this week, Apple unveiled a number of features designed to make its iOS devices more attractive to IT departments and mobile payment folks.

News Scan: Apple unveils HealthKit platform; Intel expands in mobile chips; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for June 3, including coverage of the WWDC, Intel breaking into the mobile market, why mobile shoppers remain mobile shoppers, the lack of optimization of mobile in the United Kingdom and what companies are leading shipments of 802.11ac access points.

WWDC: Exciting new features coming in Apple's iOS 8

Rumors are swirling about what new features will be added to Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 8, set to be released at the Worldwide Developers Conference being held in San Francisco next week.

News Scan: DoT mulls talking cars; Enterprises shun IoT; more

The latest Mobile IT stories for Feb. 4, including the future of car-to-car communication in the U.S., the withering of the Internet of Things, what mobile developers are demading from iOS 8, Dell'Oro's predictions about the backhaul gear market and what Windows is doing to connect it's devices to each other and the cloud.

What to expect from Apple's iOS 8

Although Apple is reportedly hard at work finalizing its iOS 7 operating system for release sometime this fall (likely in conjunction with the release of its next iPhone), there's no doubt the company is also doing some initial planning around what it could offer in the next version of its smartphone and tablet operating system, iOS 8.