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Latest Headlines

Wi-Fi alternative Li-Fi could solve radio spectrum problems

In search of a replacement for Wi-Fi, many researchers and vendors are turning to light-based networking systems. Earlier this year, Oxford University unveiled its own light-based wireless technology, dubbed "Li-Fi" at the time.

IT security budgets rise for the first time in years, PwC report finds

For the first time in a number of years, IT security budgets have increased, up a healthy 24 percent year-over-year in 2015, according to PricewaterhouseCooper's annual Global State of Information Security Survey report released on Wednesday.

AWS re:Invent's big topics are analytics, partnerships and IoT

AWS re:Invent is upon us once again, and the news out of the Amazon user/partner conference is anything but lacking. And at this year's conference, it appears analytics, new partnerships and the Internet of Things are two of the hotter topics.

Objectivity, Intel team on big data analytics for IIoT

At Strata, Objectivity announced it will enable users to push the fusion workflow from its recently-announced Information Fusion platform, called ThingSpan, into Intel's Trusted Analytics Platform. TAP is Intel's open-source project designed to aid data scientists in deploying big data analytics easier and faster.

Identiv bridges network and physical security using IoT devices

Security vendor Identiv launched the Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager, an Internet of Things access control system that provides both network and physical security by integrating with Cisco routers, switches, video and telephony products into what is touted as a low-cost monitoring and protection product.

Leading themes at Strata

Every year, common themes emerge at Strata. This year those themes are self-service/data democratization, fast data, streaming architectures and analytics at the edge. In a nutshell, big data has evolved into something far more powerful.

Spotlight: Industry group formed to promote IoT use of unlicensed LTE spectrum

Companies interested in promoting the use of unlicensed LTE spectrum for the Internet of Things and other mobile uses launched Monday a coalition called Evolve.

IoT will be key technology to optimize inventory management, says IDC

The Internet of Things will be a key technology for optimization of inventory management, observed John Santagate, research manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights.

Microsoft adding Secure Boot, Bitlocker encryption to Windows 10 IoT Core platform

Microsoft is bringing "enterprise-grade security" to the Windows 10 IoT Core beta, a version of Windows 10 designed for small embedded devices, Microsoft announced on Thursday. Redmond plans to add Secure Boot and Bitlocker encryption into the Windows IoT Core builds.

Enterprise is where IoT opportunities lie

Despite lots of talk about the connected home and car, the enterprise is where the biggest Internet of Things opportunity resides.