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Spotlight: Accenture, Cisco among initial board members of Wireless IoT Forum

Accenture, BT and Cisco are among the initial board members of the Wireless IoT Forum, which is working to promote the adoption of wireless wide-area networking technology in both licensed and...

Brave new world: Connected products will diagnose, fix themselves

You know those reports about how products will be able to tell if they are going to break down and will inform the manufacturer to send out a repair technician. Well, that future might be closer than you  think.

Infographic offers advice on preparing for the future with IoT

For the benefit of CIOs that want to know what the exploding tech trend means to them, the New Jersey Institute of Technology has prepared an infographic on the Internet of Things and "How to Prepare for the Future."

State of IoT security: Free data and infrastructure control for the taking!

When it comes to hacks, we have yet to see anything like what's waiting in the wings for IoT. Not only will data be stolen from things, but things will be used to attack the data center and hackers will control and destroy the things too. And all of it will happen at a grand and frightening scale. At least it will if nothing changes.

News Scan: Is the Internet of Things over-hyped?; Attention IT managers: Mainframers need your love too; More.

The top news stories for June 30, 2015.

IoT: With great connectivity comes great insecurity

The more things are connected to the Internet, the more opportunity there is for these things to get hacked, cautioned Bob O'Donnell, founder and chief analyst of Technalysis Research.

New Cisco IoT System aims to simplify digitization

Cisco introduced several new products that make up what it's calling the IoT System, following up on comments outgoing CEO John Chambers made about the digitization of the workplace in his Cisco Live keynote speech.

App developers feel overwhelmed by IoT data

I came across an interesting survey about app developers and the Internet of Things. Close to one-third of 675 app developers surveyed by Harbor Research feel "overwhelmed" by the data generated by the Internet of Things.  

New studies confirm explosion of IoT data, security worries

FierceCIO recently reported on how the IoT could change everything for IT, and new studies confirm just how amazingly large the IoT is becoming already.

IoT apps are indeed producing revenue, but at what cost to IT?

IoT is proving its worth to a growing number of organizations, with nearly two-thirds of IoT apps generating revenue. Still, the majority of app developers feel restricted by tight budgets, short-staffing and insuffienent tools to do it right.