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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Spiceworks Network Monitor update now includes IoT

Spiceworks added the ability to monitor and manage Internet of Things devices to its Spiceworks Network Monitor. 

Security issue with Trane ComfortLink II thermostats highlights broader IoT security risk, says Cisco's Talos

Cisco's Talos Group has identified security vulnerabilities in commercial smart thermostats made by Trane that could enable an attacker to gain access to the entire network through the vulnerable devices.

When IoT sensors go mobile: Hotel delivery robots

While vendors struggle to find a data-driven reason to sell IoT anything and everything, one value they typically overlook is the value-added asset of secondary data functions. That is, the gathering and analysis of data outside the device or app's primary line of function.

Will IoT force fundamental rethink of chip design?

It seems that the Internet of Things could force chip makers like Intel to overhaul their chip making techniques.

Jasper buy signals that Cisco is serious about IoT

Networking giant Cisco announced Wednesday its plan to acquire Internet of Things platform provider Jasper to the tune of $1.4 billion.

Spotlight: Strapped data centers force merging of networks

As the number of mobile and Internet of Things devices connecting to individual networks and across the Internet continues to grow at an accelerated pace, there's another trend happening within the overall networking services industry.

UNICEF Innovation Fund to invest in big data, AI, IoT startups

UNICEF, the nonprofit charged with helping children worldwide, is actively seeking ways to accomplish that mission through new technologies including real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT sensors. The agency is partly achieving this by investing in startups using these technologies through its UNICEF Innovation Fund.

IoT to the rescue: Demand for electricity to drop below 1% growth, too low to keep electric system going

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects less than 1 percent demand growth through 2040 for electricity in the U.S. Before anyone gets slap-happy about a conservation achievement here, consider that the growth is too low to cover maintaining the current electric system, much less make any upgrades. And this is one very old, decrepit electric system already. Raise electric rates? Yeah, well, that's hard to do given the success of energy alternatives. But no one wants to be without electricity, so what's to be done here? Enter IoT and its data to save the day and keep the lights on.

myDevices launches drag-and-drop IoT dashboard app Cayenne

Internet of Things (IoT) company myDevices Tuesday announced a drag-and-drop IoT project builder for the Raspberry Pi called Cayenne.

Wind River, IBM team to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud" recipes

Wind River and IBM announced today that they've teamed up to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud"  recipes  to help developers connect industrial devices running Wind River software to the IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform. This will allow them to access IBM Bluemix cloud services and IBM IoT Real-Time Insights analytics for IoT device data. The recipes are mix and match and can be used in a variety of combinations so users can build an edge-to-cloud IoT environment and more quickly develop and implement IoT devices.