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Latest Headlines

Gartner offers four usage models for enterprises looking to employ IoT

Gartner offers four usage models for enterprises to unlock IoT asset value: monitoring the status of the asset to improve utilization, charging for asset use on an incremental basis, using the asset to control the surroundings and providing additional information or services through the asset.

New IoT industry group dreams of IP addresses for thermostats, pills, plywood

One of the benefits of an Internet of Things from a tech manufacturer's perspective is that it could make anything--a business card, a tree trunk, a facial tissue--into a potential customer.

Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improved access to big data for organizations.

New worm infects thousands of IoT devices, mines cryptocurrency, warns Symantec

A new type of malware, first discovered in November, is infecting Internet of Things devices in order to mine cryptocurrency, according to computer security company Symantec.

Internet of Things will transform supply chain, predicts Gartner

The Internet of Things will enable supply chain leaders to provide more differentiated services to customers through a networked ecosystem that can formulate an intelligent response, predicts Gartner.

Internet of Things threatens to overwhelm data centers, open security holes

The Internet of Things will overtax data centers and open up the enterprise to greater security risks, warns Gartner.

IoT sensors, ad hoc networks to transform communications market, predicts Strategy Analytics

The pervasiveness of energy sensors and ad hoc networks to enable the Internet of Things, along with virtualized networks and cloud computing, will transform the communications networks, content and technology markets by the end of the decade, predicts Strategy Analytics.

Spotlight: Android at center of Internet of things

"Java has been pushed as the on-ramp to the Internet of things, but Android will make IoT [Internet of Things] into more than just a buzzword for most people," writes Serdar Yegulalp in an...

News Scan: DoT mulls talking cars; Enterprises shun IoT; more

The latest Mobile IT stories for Feb. 4, including the future of car-to-car communication in the U.S., the withering of the Internet of Things, what mobile developers are demading from iOS 8, Dell'Oro's predictions about the backhaul gear market and what Windows is doing to connect it's devices to each other and the cloud.

Security will be critical for M2M, IoT this year

Security will be "critical" for the development of machine-to-machine and the Internet of Things this year, particularly for end points and in the data center, says Strategy Analytics.