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Latest Headlines

Editor's Corner: Where Washington, D.C. fits in the Internet of Things

POLITICO and McKinsey & Company pulled together a group of technology leaders to determine how and if Washington has a role in the Internet of Things. The report that came out of that thinkfest proved interesting indeed.

Struggling Autodesk looks to enterprise IoT for salvation

In an effort to diversify its customer base in face of large losses, Autodesk has decided to go after the Internet of Things market in a big way, acquiring SeeControl, a developer of an enterprise IoT cloud service platform.

Artificial intelligence for advanced robotics, big data help drive ICT uptick

Cloud and M2M implementations are about to shift into high gear in manufacturing environments as the sector moves from sporadic, data-driven applications to far more sophisticated and integrated deployments, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report. For example, the implementation of artificial intelligence for advanced robotics.

The Hortonworks DataFlow trail: From the NSA to your organization, and why that path matters

It was Onyara – the lead contributor of the Apache NiFi project – came to be spun out of the NSA through its NSA Technology Transfer Program last year. Today, Hortonworks announced its intent to acquire Onyara and thus plug its technological wizardry into the Hortonworks DataFlow product.

The Internet of Things: The terms, the tech and what they mean for your business

Navigating the Internet of Things can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. For all the talk about how it will change businesses and enterprises (not to mention the world) over the next couple decades, there are scant introductory materials for those IT managers looking to get their feet wet.

Predixion partners with Wind River on advanced, at-the-edge analytics for IoT

Predixion announced at the Intel Developer's Forum that it has partnered with Wind River to mashup Predixion Insight and the Wind River Helix Device Cloud to enable advanced, at-the-edge Internet of Things analytics – specifically, predictive analytics.

4G routers may be coming to your network

Particularly when point of sale and Internet of Things devices are involved, enterprises are leveraging 4G edge router technology more frequently. It's a bit of a niche that often isn't an...

Wearables for enterprise use set to inflate enterprise data size

Tractica, a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology, released a white paper examining 40 case studies of enterprise wearable trials and deployments. While it's an interesting look into how enterprises are using or looking at using wearables already in their operations, it should also be a warning signal to alert IT for the need to prepare for the coming tsunami from these new data sources now.

Meet IoT security- it's the same as the old security

While some CIOs and IT departments might feel overwhelmed by the security challenges posed by all of these IoT devices connecting to their network, Earl Perkins, research vice president at Gartner, has some advice: "Don't despair."

Infor/GT Nexus race Oracle and SAP for 'control tower' in supply chain IoT, analytics

Call it the data economy or call it the data wars. In any case, the race is on to control as large a share of the market's data as possible. Enter ERP software supplier Infor's announcement that it is buying GT Nexus for $675 million in a deal expected to close fast, less than 45 days. What's the big deal and the big rush? It's a race to build the first control tower in supply chain IoT and analytics. The winner gets the lion's share of the market for years to come.