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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Facebook's Parse launches service to build IoT apps

Facebook's Parse platform-as-a-service unveiled Wednesday new products, including Parse for Internet of Things that enables developers to build apps for IoT devices such as garage door opners, smart batteries, thermostats, and security cameras.

New council in Illinois aims for a lead in the IoT race

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) launched the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort to drive the growth and use of Internet of things technologies in Chicago and the Midwest. 

The latest trend worry for CIOs: The Analytics of Things

IT leaders continue to struggle with how to wrap their hands around big data. First up are concerns about security. Then it's the quest for data accuracy. And now comes the emerging trend of the Analytics of Things, says a study by Deloitte.

Microsoft embraces the Internet of Things

Microsoft unveiled at its Convergence 2015 conference this week a number of products designed to provide tools to enterprises to harness the power of the Internet of Things.

Amazon acquires 2lemetry for concerted push in IoT

Amazon has acquired enterprise-focused Internet of Things company 2lemetry, according to reports. The move is one more step forward in IoT efforts for Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence steps into the real world to teach children to draw

Much is said (and written) about how AI is used to analyze human behavior. Its role in producing data and teaching human behavior is often lost in the shadows. Today we'll look at one example of how AI is teaching behaviors rather than simply analyzing them and as a result stands poised to produce data on humans too.

News Scan: Cybersecurity bill passes Senate subcommittee; Organizations struggle to get IoT data right; More

The top news stories for March 13, 2015.

Pivotal planning essentially a PaaS for IoT... and it'll be mostly open source

Benjamin Black, an engineer credited with the conceiving of Amazon Web Services, is now at work at Pivotal on a new platform service that will cater specifically to Internet of Things applications. 

How IoT and big data are changing mobile

Given mobile's importance to big data, it's important to note developments along those lines. Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a good place to get an idea of what's up in that department. Ovum, a global technology research and advisory firm, managed to glean a few trends.

Don't let IoT become a threat to enterprise security

As more enterprises mull deploying Internet of Things devices and platforms, CIOs and IT departments are becoming more concerned about IoT security risks. And for good reason. Espen Sandli, a security journalist from Norway, uncovered hundreds of IoT devices that were connected to the Internet without basic security, such as password protection.