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Latest Headlines

When it comes to EMM, denial ain't just a river in Egypt

IT teams that have not deployed enterprise mobility management either have no data protect or are living in denial, observes Michael Finneran, president and mobile analyst with dBrn Associates.

App developers get serious about data and analytics

Many apps' data-collecting efforts amounted to wild grab bags and were not focused on specific end uses. This is slowly changing. Apps are getting smarter about data collection and analysis. 

Mobility, IoT efforts will fuel enterprise middleware spending

Many enterprises are forging ahead with mobility programs, and some are beginning to deploy Internet of Things devices and platforms. These efforts require middleware software, a market that Ovum expects to top $16 billion next year.

Asia-Pacific firms look at IoT to drive business innovation next year, says IDC

Asia-Pacific firms are considering deploying the Internet of Things solutions next year in order to drive business transformation, deliver competitive advance and improve the customer experience, predicts market research firm IDC.

IoT and the enterprise: Managing risks and avoiding mistakes

Those involved in IT security are acutely aware that as the number of nodes in a network of intelligent devices--Internet of Things (IoT), for instance--rises, so do the number of potential vectors for attacking that system.  Thus, there is increasing concern that IoT's value propositions go hand-in-hand with vulnerabilities that could threaten the enterprises employing them, argues Greg Shannon with the IEEE and Carnegie Mellon.

Enterprises confront data security, privacy risks with flood of IoT data

The flood of data that will be generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the enterprise poses data security and privacy risks, warns Mark O'Neill, vice president of innovation at Axway, a provider of software and services to manage enterprise data flow.

IoT still young, but business impact, standards starting to be revealed

FierceCIO  spoke to CompTIA technology research analyst Seth Robinson about what the industry thinks about the Internet of Things, and where it thinks the trend is going.

News Scan: iPhone 7 by next fall?; Jo, meet Siri and Droid; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, Dec. 3, including Apple's possible release of an iPhone 7 in the fall of 2015, smartphones that control your coffee maker, iPhone 6's record sales in the UK, LTE-A upgrades and small cell deployments in the microwave gear market and LTE smartphones driving antenna tuner shipments.

Spotlight: Using big data to improve manufacturing

You'll find an interesting post in the McKinsey & Company blog on how big data can improve manufacturing.

IoT security: Fix the problems before they start

In this week's Editor's Corner, I would like to take a deeper dive into IBM's X-Force threat intelligence report for the 2014 fourth quarter, particularly its discussion of Internet of Things security.