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Latest Headlines

Intel to aquire Itseez, a startup providing computer vision tech for IoT applications

Chip behemoth Intel has agreed to acquire Itseez, a San Francisco-based startup that is developing computer vision and machine learning technology for self-driving cars and other Internet of Things applications, for an undisclosed consideration.

Sensors will fuel growth of AI spending in manufacturing, says Tractica

Training and calibration of sensors in Internet of Things systems is expected to drive enterprise pending on artificial intelligence software in the manufacturing sector, which Tractica forecasts will increase from $13.5 million last year to over $1 billion by 2024.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gets a new IoT tool

Microsoft announced Monday its update of Dynamics CRM 2016, complete with a new Internet of Things tool designed to improve customer service.

These are the most desired IoT skills

Upwork, a website that connects up freelance talent with employers, took a look at its database of Internet of Things job postings to understand how the demand has grown, and what skills are most desired right now.   

Amazon's rebooted Dash Button for IoT sells out immediately

On Friday, Amazon unleashed a limited edition of its AWS IoT Button, an upgrade of the programmable Dash Button the company released last April. That same day, developers with Amazon Web Services accounts snatched up every last one of these Wi-Fi buttons, priced at $20 apiece.

Connectivity, protocols, data analysis are top technical challenges in IoT projects

PLAT.ONE, a provider of Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announced the results of their European IoT Industry Survey taken at the M2M Forum in Milan. They found the top three issues plaguing IoT projects to be connectivity, protocols, and data analysis. Here's what else they found.

Data-driven factories slow as manufacturing CEO optimism plummets

Competition is fierce across several verticals but especially so in industries experiencing or facing disruption. Uncertainty in the face of other factors, such as the economy, is adding considerable pressure and both spurs tech adoption and depresses the heck out of CEOs. So, is revolutionary tech such as big data analytics, IoT and robotics the path to a happy and prosperous future, or is it more a matter of grim survival? Here's what a new PwC report has to say.

Salesforce builds its IoT Cloud on Amazon Web Services

Salesforce is building a new Internet of Things service on Amazon's cloud computing facilities, the Wall Street Journal reported this week.

Microsoft acquires Solair, aims to enhance enterprise IoT offerings

Microsoft has acquired Italian Internet of Things company Solair for an undisclosed consideration. Solair delivers IoT services to a range of industries such as manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, and transportation.

Report: Spending on deep learning to exceed $40B by 2024

According to a new report from Tractica, deep learning is "one of the most active technology areas within the broader field of artificial intelligence (AI)" and it's heating up as a market. The market intelligence firm predicts deep learning spend will exceed $40 billion by 2024. That may actually be a conservative number given the rocketing fields of big data analytics with machine learning and the Internet of Things oncoming deluge of data.