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Latest Headlines

iPad with 64-bit A7 chip will hurt corporate PC market, says analyst

An iPad equipped with Apple's new 64-bit A7 processor could further hurt the PC market by making inroads into businesses.

Microsoft Office for Apple's iPad coming soon--too little, too late?

Microsoft has announced plans to build a touch-optimized native version of its signature Office productivity suite integrating support for Apple's iPad tablet, but Redmond may have waited too long to capitalize on the iPad opportunity.

Hold onto your iPads; Samsung sings the blues; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday 10/9.

Mobile device management is no walk in the park

Mobile device management is hard stuff, according a report on  Ars Technica  about   how restrictions loaded into a school-provided iPad are easily removed. In the wake of students allegedly "hacking" the tablets to remove app and browser restrictions, at least one high school--Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles--has decided to suspend a school-wide rollout of iPad tablets.

Rumor Mill: Apple staffers already testing iOS versions 7.0.1, 7.0.2 and 7.1

With Apple poised to release its overhauled iOS 7 mobile operating system to consumers on Sept. 18, company staffers are already testing iterative platform updates,  9to5Mac  reports.

Spotlight: Microsoft's new tablet strategy--Buy up iPads

Having failed to excite buyers with its Surface tablets, Microsoft has stumbled on a new strategy: buy up iPad 2s, 3s, and 4s from owners and give them a minimum $200 gift certificate for Microsoft products.

Spotlight: Opera releases Coast browser for the iPad

Opera earlier this week released Coast, a new web browser designed from the ground-up for the iPad tablet. 

Opera unveils gesture-based Coast browser for Apple's iPad

Opera Software introduced Coast, a Web-browsing application optimized for Apple's bestselling iPad tablet.

Spotlight: iPad users can now create SkyDrive notebooks with OneNote for iOS update

Microsoft's update of OneNote for iOS enables iPad users to create SkyDrive notebooks as well as create, delete and rename sections, explained Avneesh Kohli, program manager on the OneNote team.

Report: Top iOS apps are MIA on Android tablets

Looking to add the most compelling and innovative iOS applications to your Android-powered tablet? You may be out of luck, according to research firm Canalys' latest App Interrogator research report.