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Latest Headlines

Apple scrambles to defend Wi-Fi Assist from claims that it jacks up cellular data usage

A new iPhone feature called Wi-Fi Assist, introduced in the latest iOS 9 update, could result in data usage skyrocketing, explained an article at The Telegraph. In response to complaints, Apple is scrambling to defend its decision to turn it on by default.

Apple violated university's chip patent, could owe more than $860M

Apple might have to pay more than $860 million in damages for infringing a chip patent held by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's licensing arm for technology that the Cupertino-based company uses in its iOS devices, reported Reuters.

Infographic: Here's how cellphones replaced everything

It was around 1997 – almost 15 years after Motorola released the DynaTac, the first commercial cellphone – that mobile phones started replacing or "disrupting" scores of common product categories. Since, cellphones have continue on this path. We took a look back to the very beginning of the cellphone market to examine just how disruptive the technology has been over time.

Spotlight: Roambi expands Pulse view mobile dashboard beyond iPads

Roambi, a mobile data visualization and publishing platform, announced Tuesday that its Pulse view key performance indicator dashboard is now available for iPhone, Android and Windows 10 devices. Previously, it was only available on the iPad.

Why Apple needs the enterprise and what's standing in its way

At a time when enterprise computing is in a transition period, moving from on-premises to cloud, from PC to mobile, there is an opportunity to control the future of enterprise computing. Having created this opportunity in large part, Apple is looking to expand the reach of iOS to maintain the iPhone's top spot in the enterprise but also turn around the declining trajectory of iPad sales. 451 Research's Chris Hazelton weighs in on Apple's relationship with the enterprise.

First IBM, now Cisco: Apple takes aim at the enterprise

Tech giants Apple and Cisco are teaming up to better integrate iOS products with Cisco networks, the companies said.

Spotlight: Android Wear smartwatches will now work with iPhones

Google announced Monday that its Android Wear smartwatches will now be able to work with iPhones.

Apple rumored to unveil iPhone 6s at September event

Apple is planning to unveil its next iPhone, the iPhone 6s, at its annual fall event, expected to be held the week of Sept. 7, reported BuzzFeed News.

New iPhone and iPad and maybe even a stylus could come during Apple's September event

Rumors suggest Apple is planning an event for early September. Expected announcements include new iPhones and iPads. A big surprise could be a stylus, which, according to some reports, Apple has been working on. 

Does the smartphone 'kill switch' work to deter theft?

According to phone-theft data collected by the Wall Street Journal, the smartphone "kill switch" doesn't necessarily deter theft. In Seattle, for example, iPhone thefts jump more than 30 percent in the year after the kill switch technology was introduced.