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Latest Headlines

Microsoft unveils universal OneNote app for iPads, iPhones

Microsoft has created a universal OneNote app for both iPads and iPhones, the OneNote Team announced on Thursday. This popular note-taking app is designed for the busy executive on the go, or for anyone who takes notes on the move.

Spotlight: Apple fixes bug that enabled pranksters to restart iPhones by spending a specific text message

With its latest iOS 8.4 update Apple has fixed the bug that enabled people to send text messages with specific Unicode characters that caused iPhones to restart, reported The Mac Security Blog.

Smart Vision raises $6.1M to develop iPhone-based eye exam tech

Startup Smart Vision Labs has raised $6.1 million to fund development of a device that attaches to an iPhone and enables doctors to perform mobile eye exams.

Apple WWDC '15 preview: Enterprise-friendly features for iOS 9, and more

Next week is Apple week, with the tech giant holding its annual Worldwide Developers Conference for the industry to see its big software plans for the coming year. One topic certain to be discussed at WWDC, which starts Monday in San Francisco, will be the forthcoming iOS 9, the latest iteration of Apple's mobile OS.

Seacrest-backed Typo caves to BlackBerry, agrees to stop selling iPhone keyboards

On Monday, BlackBerry announced a settlement with Typo which Typo agreed not to sell keyboard for devices with screen sizes of less than 7.9 inches, in effect all iPhones, in exchange for BlackBerry dropping its lawsuit. Typo can continue to sell keyboards for devices with a screen size of 7.9 inches or larger, that is iPads.

Moleskine unveils TimePage calendar iOS app that syncs multiple calendars, contacts

Moleskine unveiled Thursday its TimePage calendar app for iPhone and Apple Watch, which combines weather, maps and contacts with native calendar syncing across iCloud, Google and Exchange.

Cortana to go head-to-head with Siri, Google Now

Microsoft is pitting its virtual assistant, Cortana, directly against Siri and Google Now with new apps for iPhone and Android. The new capabilities may prove useful for the many mobile workers who use Windows computers but carry iPhones or Android devices. 

Apple's TouchID has design issue that could make it less secure for enterprises

One of the goals of Apple's Touch ID is to make iPhones a more attractive option for security conscious enterprises. But a design issue could undermine the very security it is supposed to provide, noted Paco Hope, a security consultant with Cigital, in a TechRepublic article.

Dropbox app to extend Microsoft Office capabilities, adds iOS commenting feature

Dropbox continues to add functionality to its iOS apps and increase the amount of use cases it presents to the enterprise. The collaboration and storage company added Tuesday the ability to comment on files directly in its iPhone and iPad apps, and it further announced added features with the Microsoft Office suite. Dropbox and Microsoft have been creating connections through their services of late in a mutually beneficial attempt to attract users.

Apple Watch to enter enterprises the same way iPhone did--through employees

The Apple Watch has the potential to invade the enterprise and drive innovation, but it probably won't be as all-consuming as the smartphone, accoridng to Ross Mason, founder and vice president of product strategy at MuleSoft.