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Latest Headlines

Special Report: Inside the controversial H-1B visa program

In this four part series, FierceCIO takes a look at the continual controversy surrounding the H-1B foreign worker program, including who gets the visas, who hires the workers, and what the impacts are on the technology workforce in the U.S.

Architecture and cloud skills top IT employer 'most wanted' lists

Foote Partners recently released data on the most in-demand IT skills and certifications in the IT market. And not surprisingly, topping the list are architecture and cloud skills. 

IT's hottest jobs: Web developer

IT staffing expert Rona Borre looks at the growing demand for, and strategic skills needed by, website developers.

IT pros with BYOD skills are in demand

IT pros who have BYOD-implementation skills are in high demand, according to a survey by management consulting firm Janco Associates.

Group warns of tech talent deficit

Depending on who's talking, the United States might or might not be about to confront a technology talent deficit.

What the 2012 job market has in store for you

As we head into 2012, we are armed with an abundance of predictions surrounding trends in technology, security and governance. But of more immediate concern to you may be what is going on with the

Expect to have talent poached in 2012

The new year is ushering in good news for mid-level IT professionals in the market for new jobs. In 2011, the IT job market reversed its downward trend and 2012 is slated for ongoing improvement,

Handful of IT exec jobs to see high demand in 2012

Entry-level IT workers and experienced IT pros with programming skills are slated to be in high demand in 2012, but at the top of the IT ladder the job market doesn't look much better than last

2012 hiring freeze expected by many IT pros

Despite a rosy overall IT jobs forecast from a number of recruitment firms and online surveys, 2012 is likely to see continued hiring freezes at a lot of companies. While businesses everywhere are

Tech hiring inconsistent

Tech hiring may be on the rise nationwide, but not all enterprises are ready to ride the wave. Boston-based State Street Corp. is among those that are cutting their IT staff, reports Computerworld's