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Latest Headlines

Governments world-wide struggle with failed IT projects

New word has it that more than $10 billion worth of U.S. federal IT projects could be at risk of failure. And as Gartner notes, the U.S. is hardly alone when it comes to government IT project failures.

BYOD spurs large IT projects for UK firms

The BYOD trend is fueling large IT projects for most U.K. organizations, according to a survey of 141 IT pros conducted by Computer Weekly and TechTarget.

In the Spotlight: Oct. 28, 2013

Top news for Oct. 28, 2013. 

What do your project managers wish for?

Recent project and company flops remind us all of the project manager's plight. Success brings a few attaboys, while failure brings recriminations, firings and bad press.

15 ways IT projects fail

Management overkill can imperil an IT project as much as lack of management.

To innovate, ignore the business and think small

Always adept at pointing out the emperor's lack of clothing,  InformationWeek's  Chris Murphy does not disappoint in his skewering of the conventional ideas touted for promoting innovation. Take the contrarian position, he urges, and don't partner with business units, don't think big and don't treat innovation as if it were an election.

The virtue of a small team

The writers' proposition is straightforward: The smaller the team, the fewer the number of interactions and the greater the manageability.

Ouch. Do big IT projects always go wrong?

"Why Big IT Projects Always Go Wrong." That headline is from an article in The Guardian, in which writer John Naughton admonishes chief executives everywhere to expect minimal success from large-scale software projects. Drawing on the 1975 book, "The Mythical Man-Month," as well as more recent research out of Oxford, Naughton warns that only half of an IT project's anticipated benefits are likely to be achieved, and that the project will probably go 40 percent over budget.

7 ways to keep closer tabs on the team

It's one thing to manage projects and another thing to manage the people doing them. For ideas on how to keep track of team members' work, take a look at seven suggestions compiled by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff at CIO magazine.

10 common causes of IT project failure

Why are there so many perennial stumbling blocks to IT project success? Many of the reasons have less to do with technology and more to do with failures to communicate and accept accountability.