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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: IT pros show lack of concern for third-party breaches

IT pros show a disturbing lack of concern about the impact a third-party breach could have on their company, according to a survey of 320 IT security pros by security firm Tripwire.

When it comes to mobility, IT pros need to adapt or perish

If IT pros do not adapt to the new world of mobility, they will "become extinct," warns VMware exec Sanjay Poonen.

IT pros unsure about virtualization security

The need for security in virtual environments escapes many IT pros, yet a majority understand the importance of virtualization to their IT infrastructure.

Majority of IT pros assume their networks have been or will be compromised

A majority of organizations assume that their networks have already been compromised or will be compromised, according to a survey of 948 IT security pros by the SANS Institute on behalf of Guidance Software.

Employees pose biggest threat to security, says survey of IT pros

Close to two-thirds of IT pros see employee carelessness as the biggest security threat to their firm, according to a survey by security vendor SecureData cited in an Information Age report.