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Latest Headlines

Apple releases a bundle of security patches for OS X, Safari and iTunes

Apple released on Monday updates to a number of its software offerings, including OS X, iTunes and Safari. The updates included security patches for all and other feature and design updates for some.

'BackStab' the latest vulnerability in Apple's iOS security

Apple's iOS security rep has been under attack recently by a series of reports about vulnerabilities in iOS apps. The latest example is the "BackStab" attack used to steal private information from iOS device backup files stored on a victim's computer, according to research released Monday by Palo Alto Networks.

Apple apps ranked as biggest security risk on the PC

Java is no longer at the top of the list of security threats to PCs in the United States, according to the latest quarterly report by security vendor Secunia, a Flexera Software company.

Apple may be building high-speed open source network for cloud services

Apple may finally be on the road to success with its cloud applications. That is if the rumors are true that the company is building a high-speed network and changing the way it designs its data centers. Considering the company joined the Open Compute Project a few months ago, it seems like we should bet on the rumors being true.

There's gold in them thar 800M iTunes accounts

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced this week that his firm has about 800 million iTunes accounts, up from 575 million in June 2013. Mobile payments could turn all of those iTunes accounts into a "gold mine," judges Nigam Arora, editor of the Arora Report and contributor to Forbes.

Apple's next big thing could be content

Apple makes the vast majority of its money selling iPhones and iPads, but as profits get squeezed on hardware, it could be better served by concentrating on content instead.

Apple surprises developers with iOS 7 beta 6 release

Apple unexpectedly released the sixth beta version of its new iOS 7 operating system Thursday afternoon. The company issued iOS 7 beta 5 less than two weeks ago and typically drops new iOS updates to developers on Monday mornings, suggesting this latest over-the-air release contains improvements deemed critical by Apple brass.

iOS app downloads challenge music listening as dominant iTunes activity

Listening to digital music files remains the leading consumer activity across Apple's iTunes platform, but free iOS application downloads are narrowing the gap, according to a new NPD Group report.

Apple trumpets record iTunes billings of $4.3B in earnings report

Record iTunes billings and iPhone sales helped Apple post fiscal third-quarter revenues of $35.3 billion, up slightly from $35 billion in the year-ago quarter. Net profits fell to $6.9 billion from $8.8 billion in the year-earlier period.

The big data behind streaming music

 Although it is more 'under-the-covers' information, iTunes is a user of both Hadoop and Teradata large-scale data warehousing.