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Latest Headlines

Verizon slashes price of Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus; stops charging for Palm WiFi hotspot service

It was no April Fool's joke last week. Verizon Wireless not only slashed the price of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus but stopped charging for the Palm WiFi hotspot service. The offering turns Palm

Palm Pre and Pixi coming to Verizon Wireless

As expected, Palm announced a deal with Verizon Wireless that will see upgraded versions of the Pre and Pixi in Verizon stores and retailers. The news, along with AT&T Mobility's revelation that

Palm releases more enterprise-friendly webOS version, effectively ends iTunes sync skirmish with Apple

Palm has released version 1.2 of webOS, adding new enterprise-friendly features to its Pre smartphone but effectively ending its one-up battle with Apple by not restoring the device's access to

MacWorld 2008: Movie rentals and more

The MacBook Air may have stolen the show at this year's MacWorld Expo but rest assured, there was a whole lot more to see. Here's a quick rundown of the new products announced during Steve Jobs'

Macworld rumor: iTunes-compatible DVDs

We've now got less than one week and counting until MacWorld 2008's "Stevenote," so let's try not to slouch on this rumor front, okay?

How to: Customize iTunes

Of course, you've got your Firefox browser all tricked out with more plug-ins than you can remember but what about your iTunes? Most of us take the venerable music playing app for granted if we have

Critical Quicktime bug hits Windows

In the age of iTunes and Safari on Windows, Quicktime is just about as common a piece of software as any you'll find on the average Windows PC. That's why it's troublesome that a previously unknown

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> Does the Asus Eee PC violate the GPL? Article > Verizon's LG Venus gets reviewed.

ALSO NOTED: First look at Firefox 3.0; Sony launches colorful, eco-friendly laptops;

> First look: Firefox 3.0. Article > HP will outsource its digital camera division.

250,000 unlocked iPhones in the wild

Apple had their quarterly earnings call last month and in a lot of ways, it was business as usual for the Cupertino company. Yet again, Jobs and Co. posted record profits (for the month of