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Latest Headlines

Telcos mount opposition to Obama's 'Third Way' for net neutrality

The President could not have been unaware his decision to back Title II reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier would only come after a long, hard fight.

AT&T's sponsored data plan could have enterprise appeal, but some argue it is anti-competitive

Last week, AT&T announced its sponsored data program, which allows users to "browse websites, stream video and enjoy apps … without impacting [their] monthly data allowance" by permitting companies sponsoring data content to pick up the tab on customers' charges. But some are questioning whether the move is anti-competitive.

Strange war of words erupts over T-Mobile job cuts

T-Mobile announced on Thursday that the company is cutting its call center operations from 24 to 17. This will result in a loss of approximately 1,900 jobs at those call centers. However, T-Mobile