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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Jolla unveils handset for developers to test latest Sailfish OS

Troubled Finnish mobile operating system maker Jolla has unveiled a handset called Jolla C for developers to test the latest releases of its Sailfish OS, reported TechCrunch.

Jolla sinks Sailfish tablet project, treads water financially

Jolla, the Finnish firm that is developing the Sailfish mobile operating system, has confirmed that it is closing down its effort to make a tablet based on the mobile OS and refunding money to backers who contributed funds through the company's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns in late 2014 and early 2015.

Spotlight: Jolla splits, renews focus on Sailfish mobile OS

Finnish firm Jolla announced Tuesday that it will split itself into two businesses – one focused on its Sailfish mobile operating system and the other focused on mobile device hardware.

Jolla's Android-compatible Sailfish OS devices will not ship with Google Play

Android-compatible smartphones running Jolla's open-source Sailfish mobile operating system will ship with the company's own mobile app store instead of the Google Play storefront app, Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki told  Forbes.

Jolla's Sailfish OS now compatible with Android applications, hardware

Jolla's open-source Sailfish mobile operating system is now compatible with applications and hardware optimized for Google's Android.

Jolla makes another CEO change ahead of Sailfish OS launch

Jolla has appointed Tomi Pienimäki as its new CEO as the Finnish startup approaches the commercial launch of its Sailfish mobile operating system.

Jolla releases Sailfish SDK, inks first carrier, chipset deals

Finnish startup Jolla publicly unveiled its forthcoming Sailfish mobile operating system at the Slush event in Helsinki, releasing the first version of its SDK and announcing deals with carrier DNA and chipset maker ST-Ericsson.

Jolla shuffles executive ranks, COO Dillon elevated to CEO

Jolla, the Finnish startup building the open-source Sailfish mobile operating system, is reshuffling its executive team, elevating COO Marc Dillon to CEO.

Report: Jolla launching MeeGo-based Sailfish OS next month

Jolla is slated to unveil its first smartphone based on Nokia's abandoned MeeGo platform next month,  The Wall Street Journal  reports. Additional details on the device, including Jolla's manufacturing partner, are unknown.

Jolla's MeeGo smartphones will run Android apps

Jolla revealed that its forthcoming smartphones based on Nokia's abandoned MeeGo smartphone platform will run applications optimized for Google's Android operating system.