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Juniper: Ticking off the demand for mobile ticketing

There is an increasing public expectation that the mobile device, having moved on in recent years from the good old  Gran Vals  ringtone to a number of rather more sophisticated applications, can be used as an interface for pretty much all activities in everyday life. This expectation becomes stronger as more and more activities fall within its remit; so much so that when our expectation is not fulfilled, we feel aggrieved: if it can't do that, then it should; why can't it? And so on.

Juniper: TV & video's multi-screen future is on smartphones, tablets

Until comparatively recently, watching TV or video on a mobile device was simply not a great experience; the poor quality displays meant viewers spent most of their time squinting at the device, that is, if the content loaded in the first instance. However, over the past two years, the quality of the viewing experience of TV and video on smartphones, tablets and even high-end feature phones has increased dramatically.

Juniper: Examining the state of the in-app purchase

Those operating within the mobile games space, or indeed wider apps space, will be well aware of the elusive "in-app purchase." Used by developers, publishers and app stores as a means of monetizing users, purchasing virtual currencies and in-game items has become commonplace and the practice features in many of the top grossing games.

Juniper: Banking is now mobile and branchless

Mobile banking forms an essential component of the overall mobile commerce industry, wherein the two are closely interrelated. Empowering users to make account transactions whilst on the move, mobile banking enables supplementary mobile commerce actions to be undertaken as a function of a mobile wallet.

Juniper: Mobile couponing is redeeming the smartphone

Couponing is hardly the newest kid on the mobile block--in the U.K. and several other European markets, Orange Wednesdays have been enabling my wife and millions of other cinemagoers to receive two tickets for the price of one for around nine years--but it is fair to say that the mobile market has progressed since that time.

Juniper: Should you care about mobile advertising?

Mobile is more personal than other forms of advertising because the mobile phone is one of the most personal devices that many consumers own. Mobile also offers advertisers significant reach; in almost all cases, penetration rates in developed countries have passed 100 percent.

Juniper: NFC can be at the heart of retail, but don't forget cash

It may not have escaped your notice that, in recent weeks, NFC--near field communications--has received a lot of press: all points of sale at the London Olympics are equipped to handle contactless payments, all UK Post Offices NFC are enabled; Microsoft has unveiled a mobile wallet with SIM-based NFC. In short, NFC is busy, busy, busy.

Juniper: Green Handsets & Tablets – Smarter & Sustainable Devices

Smartphones and tablets are undoubtedly at the cutting edge of consumer technology today, but as the longer and broader period of progress shows, the more advanced we become the more impact we have on the natural environment. 

Juniper: App stores--Operators face a Catch-22 situation

Windsor Holden There is a marvellous sequence in Joseph Heller's Catch-22 when Doc Daneeka, the squadron physician, is supposedly killed in a plane crash. News of his death comes...

Juniper: Tablet TV--Why we'll soon be watching 3 hours a month

Charlotte Miller We all know that smartphone and tablet users are spending a large amount of time watching video on their devices, but what about mobile TV? The lines can be a little...