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Latest Headlines

Juniper says one BYOD policy not enough

A single BYOD policy may be insufficient to address the variety of issues raised by the flood of employee-owned mobile devices into the enterprise, which Juniper Research forecasts will exceed one billion by 2018.

News scan: Cellular M2M devices to top 500M; Intuit buys FullSlate; more

Quick takes on Thursday, 10/31 news including: Cellular M2M growth, Inuit's new acquisition, location-based mobile ads, the new BBM and Facebook's latest findings.

Mobile ad spending to triple by 2018, says Juniper

Spending on mobile advertising is expected to reach $39 billion in 2018, up from $13 billion this year, according to the latest forecast from Juniper Research.

Mobile money transfers to reach 400 million users by 2018, says Juniper

Mobile money transfer users are forecast by Juniper Research to approach 400 million by 2018, up from less than 150 million users in 2013.

Mobile payments, enterprise use to spur 11-fold jump in smart wireless accessories' revenues

Mobile payments and enterprise use of mobile devices, along with fitness and health apps, are expected to spur an 11-fold increase in revenues from app-enabled smart wireless accessories by 2018, according to a recent report from Juniper Research.

Healthcare organizations will increasingly use smartphone-based mobile health services, says Juniper

In the next five years, healthcare organizations will increase significantly the availability of smartphone-based mobile health services, such as remote patient monitoring and mobile ultrasound services, predicts Juniper Research.

App-enabled smartwatch shipments to reach 36 million units by 2018, says Juniper

App-enabled smartwatch shipments are forecast by Juniper Research to reach 36 million units by 2018, up from one million in 2013.

Juniper: Carrier billing, licensing could generate extra app revenues

One never needs to look particularly far to find the latest success stories in the mobile games space; the most recent topic  du jour, for both industry pundits and those in the Juniper Research office, is King's  Candy Crush Saga. 

Forecast: Consumer spending on apps to top $75B in 2017

Consumers will spend more than $75 billion on mobile applications in 2017 according to a new forecast from Juniper Research, which credits the surge to the continued growth of the in-app purchase...

Juniper: M2M, big data to aid mHealth market

The increasing processing power of the smartphone has given rise to innovations in how smartphone apps can bring about new business models in the mHealth sector. mHealth, in combination with the mFitness segment, has created new services and ways of addressing the healthcare industry needs. It has been largely acknowledged that significant cost savings in the health sector can be made if successful mHealth business models are developed.