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Latest Headlines

Juniper throttles back on NFC market forecast due to iPhone 5 omission

Juniper Research has throttled back on its mobile near field communications (NFC) market forecast because of Apple's decision to omit an NFC chipset from the iPhone 5.

Updated: Juniper slashes NFC retail forecast by $70B, blames Apple for slow adoption

Juniper Research is scaling back its expectations for the global Near Field Communications retail transactions market by $70 billion, contending that Apple's decision to omit an NFC chipset from its new iPhone 5 has undermined retailer and brand confidence in the mobile payment technology.

Juniper: Mobile couponing is redeeming the smartphone

Couponing is hardly the newest kid on the mobile block--in the U.K. and several other European markets, Orange Wednesdays have been enabling my wife and millions of other cinemagoers to receive two tickets for the price of one for around nine years--but it is fair to say that the mobile market has progressed since that time.

Telematics to rival smart metering as leading M2M sector

Telematics and consumer electronics sectors are the faster growing sectors of the machine-to-machine communications market, challenging smart metering as the dominant M2M sector, according to the latest research by Juniper Networks.

Report: 83 billion rich mobile messages to be sent annually by 2017

Responding to the challenge from over-the-top messaging service players, mobile network operators have launched industry-wide rich mobile messaging standards. Juniper Research predicts rich mobile messaging will generate 83 bilion annual messages by 2017.

Business travelers to spur roaming revenues

As employees of multinational firms travel more often and send more data over mobile devices, their roaming bills are expected to expand rapidly. This should prompt operators to offer roaming plans that will attract those customers, bringing down international roaming charges in the long run.

120 million tablets to be sold to businesses in 2016, Forrester says

Tablets are expected to fuel a three-fold increase in mobile ad spending, which should reach $12 billion per year by 2017, according to new report from Juniper Research.

Forecast: Mobile messaging ad spending to reach $7.4B by 2017

Advertiser spending on mobile messaging is on track to reach $7.4 billion by 2017, fueled by an increase in location-based SMS campaigns, according to a new Juniper Research forecast.

Forecast: NFC, physical goods sales boost m-payments to $1.3 trillion by 2017

Mobile payments are on pace to grow nearly fourfold over the next five years, eclipsing $1.3 trillion in annual transaction value by 2017, according to a new forecast issued by Juniper Research.

Juniper: Should you care about mobile advertising?

Mobile is more personal than other forms of advertising because the mobile phone is one of the most personal devices that many consumers own. Mobile also offers advertisers significant reach; in almost all cases, penetration rates in developed countries have passed 100 percent.