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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Amazon enhances tablet gaming, reading with new Kindle Fire HD

Amazon is rolling out an enhanced suite of exclusive gaming, messaging and reading features in tandem with its new Kindle Fire HD, a 8.9-inch large-screen, LTE-equipped tablet unveiled Thursday.

Rumor Mill: Amazon will unveil branded Android smartphone today

Amazon is poised to unveil a Kindle smartphone running a variation of Google's Android 4.0,  The Verge  reports.

Report: Amazon snubs Google, taps Nokia for Kindle Fire maps

The next edition of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet will introduce mapping services in partnership with Nokia, snubbing rival technology from Google, whose Android mobile operating system powers the Kindle Fire platform.

Rumor: Microsoft to sell its Surface tablet for $199

The first Microsoft Surface tablet, which is slated to go on sale October 26, could be priced at $199, according to a new report on  Engadget. 

Amazon may launch five or six new tablets, says Staples president

Amazon is poised to launch as many as five or six new tablet devices, including a 10-inch model, according to retail partner Staples.

Amazon launches GameCircle interactive features for Kindle Fire

Amazon is introducing GameCircle, enabling developers to integrate new social interactions into games optimized for the digital retailer's Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet.

Report: Amazon building smartphone to fuel mobile content sales

Amazon is reportedly developing its own branded smartphone to more effectively compete with Apple and Google  in the battle for digital media supremacy.

'iPad Mini' looks set join 7-inch tablet fray

With the Nexus 7 tablet, an updated Kindle Fire and a rumored iPad Mini, it'll be interesting to see if Microsoft will relent and release a 7-inch Windows 8 tablet too.

Report: Amazon acquires 3D mobile mapping firm UpNext

Amazon has acquired 3D mapping startup UpNext, fueling speculation the digital retailer plans to introduce native location-based services on its Kindle Fire tablet.

Will Amazon launch a $149 Kindle Fire?

Will Amazon slash the price of its Kindle Fire to $149? That was one of the first questions that flashed across my mind when I first read about Google selling the Nexus for $199.