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Latest Headlines

IBM eases mobile data sharing for police, emergency response agencies through new cloud offerings

IBM is expanding its cloud offerings to ease mobile data sharing and improve data analytics for police, public safety and emergency management agencies.

Spotlight: Sprint to pay $15.5M fine for overcharging on wiretapping

Sprint has been fined $15.5 million by the feds for overcharging law enforcement agencies for wiretaps and other eavesdropping techniques, reported RCR Wireless.

California governor signs kill switch bill into law

The on-again, off-again saga of smartphone kill switches in California is now officially on-again, as Governor Jerry Brown (D) Monday signed a bill mandating the anti-theft features as of July 2015.

The Fourth Amendment under assault

The Fourth Amendment, which guarantees the right of U.S. citizens against "unreasonable searches and seizures," is under assault from the courts, law enforcement and the intelligence community.

Spotlight: Police can get cellphone location data without warrant, says court

Overturning a lower court ruling, a United States appeals court ruled that law enforcement can get the location data of cellphone users without a warrant.