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Latest Headlines

Oracle quantifies how it lost tens of millions to Google

The latest on the Oracle versus Google front paints Oracle as a sympathetic party. Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz testified in court yesterday that the database giant had no choice but to give premiere customers like Amazon and Samsung "massive discounts" in order to compete with Google's Android, Business Insider reported.

Spotlight: SCOTUS to hear Samsung's appeal in iPhone patent dispute with Apple

The Supreme Court said Monday that it will hear Samsung's appeal in its patent dispute with Apple over Apple's allegations that Samsung infringed three iPhone design patents.

Spotlight: Google faces lawsuit from college students over alleged illegal data siphoning

A group of former and current University of California, Berkeley students have filed suit against Google, claiming the tech giant illegally siphoned information from their university accounts linked to Google apps.

Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over failure rates of 3TB drives

A class-action lawsuit was filed against storage drive maker Seagate today, alleging that certain 3TB models are failing more than they should.

Affinity's lawsuit against Trustwave could be legal game-changer

If Affinity Gaming succeeds with its lawsuit against Trustwave over a data breach investigation, this could be a legal game-changer for the security industry. Security vendors may need to embed lawyers with their forensic teams to protect them from legal jeopardy if they fail to mitigate a data breach.

iPhone users take Wi-Fi Assist dispute to court

What started out as a PR problem for Apple has turned into a multi-million dollar legal dispute. We are talking about Wi-Fi Assist, a function activated by default on iOS 9, that automatically switches the iPhone's connect form Wi-Fi- to cellular when there is poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

Autonomy founder sues HP for $150M over 'smear campaign'

The founder and former CEO of big data firm Autonomy, Mike Lynch, has filed a $150 million lawsuit against HP for what he alleges is a public smear campaign against him and the Autonomy management team after HP's acquisition of his software firm in 2011.

Former AT&T employees deployed malware on its computer systems to unlock phones, carrier alleges

AT&T has filed a lawsuit against former employees for installing malware on its computer systems in order to unlock smartphones so they could be used on other networks.

Ashley Madison victims sue Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy for hosting searchable databases

Some customers affected by the massive data breach of the adultery site Ashley Madison are filing lawsuits against Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy and a number of other websites that hosted searchable databases of customer information, according to the complaint obtained by the DataBreaches.net website.

Spotlight: Samsung pilloried for smartphone bloatware in China

Samsung is facing a lawsuit in China for preinstalling too many apps on its smartphones, a practice known as bloatware.