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Latest Headlines

Twitter the latest Silicon Valley firm accused of discrimination

If ever a region of the country needed a really good PR agent it is Silicon Valley, as the latest public attention focuses on a gender discrimination suit at Twitter.

BYOD requires IP protections

Intellectual property law seems straightforward enough: an employer has the right to works created by employees in the course of their employment. But when employees are producing work on their own time and their own device things become murky, making bring your own device considerations important.

TOS, app permissions are not good cover from big data lawsuits

To date, the courts have mostly been supportive of terms-of-service, or TOS, agreements even though most acknowledge that the majority of private citizens don't read them or don't understand them. This brings some feeling of relief to companies everywhere, but most especially to those currently spoon-feeding big data to the government.

Blogger sued for $340,000 over Twitter account

Mobile phone blog PhoneDog has sued a former employee for taking its Twitter followers when he left. Blogger Noah Kravitz originally started tweeting as @Phonedog_Noah, and had accumulated 17,000

Yahoo awarded $610 million in lottery spam case

Yahoo has won a lawsuit against spammers who made use of its name in a non-existent lottery, and was awarded $610 million damages in a default judgment. A default judgment is entered when defendants

Absolute Software sued for capturing nude chats on stolen laptop

A U.S. District Judge last week ruled against Absolute Software, a company that provides services to track and recover stolen computers, in a case where the company captured sexually explicit images

Microsoft sues spammers who abused Hotmail filters

A lawsuit has been filed against spammers who hired people to open millions of Hotmail accounts in order to deliberately misidentify spam and game spam filters developed by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Microsoft sues Salesforce.com for patent infringement

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has sued one of its rivals in the cloud-computing arena for allegedly infringing nine of its patents. Filed in the U.S. District Court in Seattle, the suit against

School accused of spying on students via laptop webcams in lawsuit

A high school student and his parents have filed a lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District of Ardmore, Philadelphia. The lawsuit accused the school district of spying on students and family

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone

Nokia filed a lawsuit in U.S. court, claiming Apple has infringed on 10 Nokia-owned patents that cover technologies such as wireless data transfer and span WCDMA, GSM and WiFi technologies. Analysts