Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Licensing Windows Server 2016 could cost more than planned

Organizations looking to upgrade to Windows Server 2016 may have to pay more than they anticipated.

Court filings shed light on Oracle's licensing strategies

Court filings by candy company Mars shed additional light on Oracle's licensing strategies.

Windows Server 2016 to adopt a per core licensing scheme

Microsoft will be making a significant change to how it licenses the upcoming Windows Server 2016, moving away from the existing per-socket licensing model used by Windows Server 2012 in favor of a per-core model. The change will not make a difference to lower-end systems with up to four processors and up to eight cores per processor, though the price goes up quickly beyond that.

Gartner offers four usage models for enterprises looking to employ IoT

Gartner offers four usage models for enterprises to unlock IoT asset value: monitoring the status of the asset to improve utilization, charging for asset use on an incremental basis, using the asset to control the surroundings and providing additional information or services through the asset.

Kodak sues LG and Samsung over integrated digital cameras in phones

Eastman Kodak Co. is taking both LG and Samsung to court over infringement of their patents relating to the integrated digital cameras in mobile phones. The company is seeking an injunction to bar