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Latest Headlines

Greed, power and ego are costing you time and money

Expansion of LTE, and thus better wireless data connections for you, could be on hold for a very long time.

Spotlight: The FCC goes before the Senate

The entire leadership of the Federal Communications Commission will appear at a Senate oversight hearing.

Why transparency is crucial to the success of mobility

Carrier IQ really isn't doing anything nearly as bad as everyone said. Had the phone companies that use Carrier IQ been forthcoming in the first place, and had Carrier IQ operated with full transparency, there would have been no story.

LightSquared challenges FCC ruling to deny operation, cites Fifth Amendment

LightSquared, the Reston, Va. company that had planned to create a nationwide 4G LTE wholesale data network until its operations plans were denied by the Federal Communications Commission, has filed

Spotlight: LightSquared tries to rise from the dead

Billionaire investor Philip Falcone has hired two prominent lawyers in an attempt to bring LightSquared back from its Federal Communications Commission-mandated oblivion. LightSquared has received

LightSquared CEO resigns amid regulatory failure

Sanjiv Ahuja has resigned as CEO of embattled LightSquared following the company's failure to get regulatory approval to operate its 4G LTE network. Ahuja will be replaced by Chief Network Officer

LightSquared teams with Smarter Car for in-vehicle mobile services

Wholesale LTE provider LightSquared announced its first machine-to-machine partnership, teaming with vehicle data services firm Smarter Car to connect auto dealers with motorists. Per terms of the

LightSquared, Soundtracker team for geo-social mobile music service

Wholesale LTE provider LightSquared is teaming with geo-social digital radio service Soundtracker to deliver more cost-efficient access to online music regardless of the listener's location.

VoX Communications partnering with LightSquared for mobile video, voice plan

Mobile network player LightSquared, which in June signed a reseller agreement with VoIP device and service provider netTalk, today announced it had signed a multi-year deal with wholesale and retail

Dish Network aims to build nationwide mobile broadband network

Dish Network is seeking permission from the Federal Communications Commission to allow it to combine S-band satellite spectrum it purchased from TerreStar Networks and DBSD North America to offer a