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Latest Headlines

The technical challenges LinkedIn encountered with Slideshare acquisition

LinkedIn acquired Slideshare in 2012, but as many companies have already learned the hard way, acquiring a company is the easy part. Integration of data, technologies and cultures always present daunting challenges, and LinkedIn found this acquisition to be no exception.

Spotlight: LinkedIn plugs persistent cross-site scripting hole

Developers at LinkedIn, the social network site for professionals, fixed a persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability that attackers could have exploited to spread malware on the site's help forums.

LinkedIn open sources PalDB for side data

LinkedIn announced Monday that it is open sourcing PalDB, a lightweight companion for storing side data. Side data is the extra read-only data needed by a process to do its job and it tends to pile up in one bottle-necking mess for some applications. PalDB addresses this with a read-only embeddable database to make it easier to scale side data.

Kafka announces new features, improves use at LinkedIn, Yahoo, Netflix and more

LinkedIn engineer Todd Palino called Kafka its "circulatory system for data," and now the company is working to improve the flow of its lifeblood. New key features to Kafka, just announced will not only improve it for use at LinkedIn but also for other big users such as Yahoo, Twitter, Netflix, Uber and Goldman Sachs. If you're into Kafka, you'll probably want to know about these enhancements too.

LinkedIn pushes chat features for iOS, Android, desktop to keep the conversation going

LinkedIn today announced a new messaging service available today on iOS, Android and the desktop browser version of the website.

LinkedIn open sources Gradle plugin for Hadoop devs

If you're writing Hadoop jobs using Gradle as your build system, you'll likely want to check out this plugin. 

Creators of Apache Kafka get serious about helping enterprises stream data

A couple of engineers who initially built the technology behind Apache Kafka while at LinkedIn have brought in new funding to help drive their startup, Confluent.

IU researchers map entire global economy, forecast large-scale industrial evolution

"We're not only trying to give everyone a 'map,' or a large-scale picture of all the sectors of the economy, but also a 'weather forecast' and 'tools,'" Ahn said in a statement to the press. "So users will not only know where they can find jobs but also predict bright spots on the horizon – the emerging markets – and acquire the skills, or tools, they will need to get where they want to go."

LinkedIn's Pinot Analytics goes open source

Last fall, LinkedIn introduced Pinot and hopes to make it open source, which FierceBigData reported on at that time. Last week, the Pinot as open source became a reality. LinkedIn also open sourced Burrow, a "new method for monitoring Kafka consumers."

LinkedIn contest aims to help turn site into one-stop-career-shop

Social media site LinkedIn has its sights set on becoming a one-stop-shop for all things work and career related. That means turning the website into a gigantic database of potential job openings, networking opportunities, training and education resources for every individual and company member.