Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft releases cross-platform Visual Studio Code 1.0

Microsoft's embrace of platform agnosticism continues. Thursday the company announced the release of version 1.0 of its cross-platform code editor for Windows, OS X and Linus.

Dispel targets enterprises with broader privacy-as-a-service offering

Dispel announced Thursday that it has broadened access to its privacy-as-a-service offering to Android devices and Linux operating systems with an eye toward the enterprise market.

Microsoft to blame for poor performance of Skype for Linux

Skype for Linux is way behind, and according to PCWorld, it's Microsoft's fault. Luckily, there is a glimmer of hope in Skype's web-based offering. 

Microsoft launches SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft will be celebrating Thursday the launch of SQL Server 2016 at its Data Driven event in New York. Among many new advancements and improvements to SQL Server this go around is the extension of its capabilities to run on Linux.

Microsoft brings SQL Server to Linux

In another example of Microsoft tearing down its proprietary walls, the company announced Monday its plans to extend its SQL Server to Linux instances.

Docker isn't shifting away from Ubuntu, but adding support for Alpine Linux

Recent comments by Docker CTO Solomon Hykes on Hacker News seem to indicate Docker may be moving away from Ubuntu as the default Linux distribution for the popular container technology. Further clarification from the company, according to a ComputerWorld article, indicated that Docker is simply expanding its horizons to also include the lighter weight Alpine Linux.

New Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux laptop 'closer' to shipping

Dell has started offering a discount on the XPS 13 Developer Edition laptops, in preparation to release the newer version, with Ubuntu Linux and Intel Skylake processors, according to Computerworld.

IBM LinuxONE update aims to simplify app development and deployment

IBM is setting its sights on developers and DevOps professionals once again with the latest update to its hybrid cloud product portfolio. Through new features and technology partner collaborations, IBM is aiming to make it easier to develop, deploy and manage apps on its high-performance LinuxONE systems while also maintaining security.

Linux bug puts millions of PCs, servers and Android devices at risk of takeover

A serious bug has been found in the Linux kernel that allows local-to-root escalation, putting tens of millions of PCs, servers and Android devices at risk.

Black Duck boosts container security with new Hub features

Black Duck has added container scanning capabilities to its Hub software, providing DevOps professionals with another option for keeping their containers safe and secure.