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Latest Headlines

Stop pointing fingers and learn to work together

There are silos. And then there are battlegrounds. Development and operations teams haven't always worked well together or even seen eye-to-eye.

Open source switches gain more vendor traction

The open source movement is making waves in the networking space as more vendors are opting to build open switches and routers in favor of proprietary technology. HP is the latest vendor to join the open source networking movement, and some are speculating that open networking could give Cisco a run for its money.

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Quick takes on mobile IT news for Tuesday, 11/19 including: Android's market share growth, the shift between Black Friday and Cyber Friday, the mobility market in the Asia-Pacific to double by 2017, the future of M2M connections and the latest from Linux.

Report: How Linux is used in the enterprise

To understand how the open-source Linux operating system is being deployed within the enterprise, a study sponsored by SUSE quizzed 167 IT professionals on their use of Linux.

The WiFi Pineapple makes it easy to hack wireless devices

The WiFi Pineapple is designed to exploit how most Wi-Fi devices automatically reconnect to wireless access points that they have previously connected to.