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Spotlight: Windows 8, Secure Boot and the impact on Linux

There are a lot of IT folks who carry dual-boot notebook computers that can run both Windows and Linux...

Microsoft's Bach predicts Linux will lose mobile OS race

Even with the vultures circling Microsoft's beleaguered Windows Mobile operating system, the software giant's Entertainment & Devices division president Robbie Bach forecasts Linux will emerge as

Some facts that you should know about the Moblin OS

Short for Mobile Linux, the Moblin operating system is a collection of open-source projects based around a Linux kernel that has been specifically optimized by Intel to run on its low-powered Atom

CrunchPad makes fresh appearance

Remember the CrunchPad, which was dreamed up by the folks over at TechCrunch? Well, it looks like the launch prototype of the Linux-based, web-surfing-only device is getting close. So, keep your

Acer to launch Android netbook in 3Q

Third-ranked PC maker, Acer announced on Tuesday that it will launch a new low-cost computer in the third quarter, which will be based on Google's Android operating system. Elaborating on the choice

Nokia launches touchscreen smartphone; Hackers boot Linux on the iPhone;

> Nokia launches touchscreen smartphone, the N97. Article > Hackers boot Linux on the iPhone. Article > MSI unveils new netbooks sporting Intel Atom processors. Article > QiGi i6 runs either

Netbooks eat into Microsoft's revenues

Citigroup Global Markets analyst Brent Thill thinks that the drop in first-quarter earnings and revenues at Microsoft is related to the success of netbooks, or low-end laptops. In a report explicitly

Netbooks could prove an opportunity for Linux

Novell's chief technology and strategy officer for Linux thinks that the popularity of netbooks could prove an opportunity for the Linux operating system. This is because low-cost netbooks will

New Atom chips due as early as next month

If everything goes according to plan, Intel will launch its first dual-core Atom processor next month. This revelation was made by an Intel employee to a CNET reporter, even as senior vice president

Designing a dedicated web tablet

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch has issued a call to create a "dirt cheap touch screen web tablet" which will be used primarily to surf the Internet. The basic idea is to give it relatively