Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

HP launches OpenSwitch community to boost open networking

HP's latest volley in the war of open versus proprietary networking technology brings together several of the company's supporters in the form of the OpenSwitch community.

Linux Foundation report shows open source isn't always efficient, but that's the beauty of it

The Linux Foundation today for the first time released an analysis of the estimated value of its Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects, and one project stands out as taking the bulk of effort for the organization and its members: Tizen.

Microsoft selects Ubuntu for first Linux-based Azure offering

Microsoft selected Ubuntu for its first Linux-based Azure offering and announced today that its Hadoop-based big data service offering, HDInsight, will run on Ubuntu and Hortonworks.

Fedora 23 OS goes into beta

The latest version of the open source Linux Fedora is now in beta. Red Hat unveiled Fedora 23  on its blog, and all three versions – Fedora 23 Cloud, Server and Workstation – are available.

Microsoft turns to Linux for Azure networking

Microsoft reveals that its Azure Cloud Switch is built on Linux. 

Report: 1 major Linux migration that went awry

Workers for the city of Munich are apparently clamoring to switch back to Windows, leaving their high-end machines idle as they use their personal devices at work instead.

Get your first public preview glimpse of Windows Server Containers

In the third technical preview of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016, Microsoft is building on previous announcements around containers. With the preview, Microsoft is introducing native support for Windows Server Containers.

LinuxCon kicks off with new projects for mainframe, storage

As you may be aware, LinuxCon kicked off yesterday, and there has been plenty of news coming out of the conference so far. And in the last several years, the number of vendors backing Linux-based projects has skyrocketed. Many of those are present at the conference this week.

Linux Foundation, IBM beef up efforts around Linux on mainframes

Today at LinuxCon, The Linux Foundation announced a new initiative aimed at mainframe users, the Open Mainframe Project. IBM is contributing code to the project and announced new mainframe packages. 

Pica8 fires back at Cisco, calls ACI security 'primitive'

The battle between open source and proprietary software-defined networking continues; and of course, Cisco is once again at the heart of the disagreement between the two sides. But this time, instead of Cisco executives taking shots at whitebox solutions, it's an open source proponent saying Cisco is behind the times.