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Latest Headlines

Red Hat unveils OpenShift Enterprise 3.1 with new container features

Red Hat unveiled the latest version of OpenShift Enterprise, as well as a preview of Atomic Enterprise Platform, at KubeCon in San Francisco this week. With OpenShift Enterprise 3.1, Red Hat has beefed up the Docker and Kubernetes components, added middleware services and expanded its integration with OpenStack.

New ransomware targets Linux administrators

While end-users may seem a better mark for cybercriminals looking to extort some money, at least one new ransomware targets system administrators instead.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now the 'preferred' Linux choice on Azure

Red Hat has struck a deal with Microsoft to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux the preferred choice for running Linux workloads on the Azure infrastructure as a service offering.

FreeBSD demonstrated on 64-bit ARM server

In a first, embedded systems company Semihalf has demonstrated a beta version of the FreeBSD operating system running on a 96-core server based on the 64-bit ARM-based processor, according to a report on Computerworld.

CoreOS Tectonic is now generally available

CoreOS's container infrastructure product, Tectonic, is now generally available. Designed to help enterprise DevOps teams deploy, manage and secure containers in their environments, Tectonic is the vendor's commercial distribution of its open source technologies and the Google-led Kubernetes open source container management project.

High speed network efforts bypassing the Linux kernel for better performance

Organizations have started to bypass the Linux kernel as they seek to push the limits of high-performance networking to cope with the increasing demands of the cloud and streaming high-resolution 4K video. The BBC and CloudFlare have both recently shown how they do this. 

HP launches OpenSwitch community to boost open networking

HP's latest volley in the war of open versus proprietary networking technology brings together several of the company's supporters in the form of the OpenSwitch community.

Linux Foundation report shows open source isn't always efficient, but that's the beauty of it

The Linux Foundation today for the first time released an analysis of the estimated value of its Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects, and one project stands out as taking the bulk of effort for the organization and its members: Tizen.

Microsoft selects Ubuntu for first Linux-based Azure offering

Microsoft selected Ubuntu for its first Linux-based Azure offering and announced today that its Hadoop-based big data service offering, HDInsight, will run on Ubuntu and Hortonworks.

Fedora 23 OS goes into beta

The latest version of the open source Linux Fedora is now in beta. Red Hat unveiled Fedora 23  on its blog, and all three versions – Fedora 23 Cloud, Server and Workstation – are available.