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Latest Headlines

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The top news stories for June 17, 2015.

Moose worm targeting Linux-based routers and systems

ESET researchers have uncovered a new worm dubbed Linux/Moose that is targeting Linux-based routers as well as other Linux-based embedded systems.

Docker Inc. walks a tightrope

While Docker dominates the container conversation right now, it's far from certain that it will continue to do so in the future. Despite the thriving ecosystem of companies around the Docker technology, Docker Inc.'s acquisition strategy has made some businesses wary of building on top of the container. Plus, this renewed interest in containers may be opening doors for new and old container technologies, strengthening the competition against Docker.

Mumblehard malware targets Linux and BSD systems to send spam

Researchers at ESET uncover a new malware specifically created to run on Linux and BSD systems to send spam.

What to expect from Docker's technology roadmap this year

Docker's recent attempts to fill technological gaps in its containerization technology seem to have been going well. From beefing up security to adding orchestration capabilities, Docker's 2015 is already shaping up to be a busy one. More features are planned for 2015.

CoreOS launches Tectonic commercial distribution with Kubernetes support

CoreOS is expanding its containerization solutions with the launch of Tectonic, which the company describes as "a software stack for businesses seeking the benefits of a container-based infrastructure."

Spotlight: Canonical integrates Chef into Ubuntu

More news from ChefCon.

Amid IoT standards standoff, Panasonic opens portfolio for development

Panasonic pledged this week to provide royalty-free access to a chunk of its intellectual property, including software and patents, to push forward the development of the Internet of Things. While at face value it may seem like an altruistic move, in fact, it may be just the lastest shot in the ongoing standards war raging in the IoT industry. 

Change in Windows 10 Secure Boot requirement could make it harder to install Linux

A minor change to the Secure Boot portion of UEFI in Windows 10 could make it harder for enthusiasts to install Linux or alternative operating systems.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 gets Juno treatment

SUSE has updated its OpenStack distribution to the Juno version of the open source cloud platform. This version also represents a rebranding of what was previously known as SUSE Cloud. Now with OpenStack front and center in the product name, SUSE is following on the tails of other OpenStack distros that have already launched Juno versions.