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Latest Headlines

BYOD poses special challenges for e-discovery

Oftentimes, litigation or regulatory action requires a company to turn over electronic data under its control to the court or agency, a process known as electronic discovery. Clear BYOD policies can protect a firm should data located on an employee's personal device become part of the e-discovery process.

Spotlight: New York sues Qualcomm over political spending disclosure

The New York State comptroller is suing mobile chip maker Qualcomm for the right to inspect the company's books to determine how shareholder funds are being spent on political activities.

Clearwell adds new Legal Hold module for eDiscovery customers

Clearwell announced a new Legal Hold module this week they say will streamline the process of adding documents to a legal hold. It's a new component in Clearwell's eDiscovery Platform product. The

StoredIQ develops classification-driven access control

StoredIQ has come up with a new way to give legal teams access to data, even before finalizing a collection. StoredIQ describes it as follows: "The new feature allows companies to create a

Second anniversary of revised federal evidence rules

Last week marked the second anniversary of the revised federal evidence rules, otherwise known as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or FRCP for short. This was a significant change because of the

Two new tools can help rein in eDiscovery spending

As we enter the season of our discontent, shareholders and other interested parties will be angry, frustrated and looking for someone to blame for the Wall Street meltdown and the sub-prime mortgage

You need to be thinking about e-Discovery

As the economic down-turn evolves into a full-scale deep dive, one thing is certain: investors are going to be looking for someone to blame. That means we can look for lawsuits aplenty in the coming

IT...meet Legal

While lawyers and IT professionals come from different worlds and talk different languages, there is no getting around the need for them to communicate and work with one another. The bottom line is

IT execs overconfident about e-discovery

A new research report has found that IT executives are confident they can respond to e-discovery litigation requests given their significant investments in records management, archiving and

Barracuda wants to buy Sourcefire

Antispam appliance vendor Barracuda has revealed that it has made a US$186 million cash offer for Sourcefire. This is 13 percent more than the company's current's current stock price, though half