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Latest Headlines

Aruba, Cisco and HP are magic when it comes to LAN infrastructure

The most recent Magic Quadrant to come out of Gartner looks at the market for wired and wireless local area network access infrastructure, an issue of concern to enterprises, especially those dealing with the demands BYOD is placing on that infrastructure.

Lenovo to launch ThinkPad laptops with Intel's anti-theft technology

Anti-theft technology is all the rage now, not surprising given high profile data breach cases involving the loss of laptops. Add to that the fact that the shipment of laptops has now surpassed that

802.11n sooner, not later

The next great standard in wireless local-area networks is 802.11n, bringing potential speeds greater than wired

A guide to determine TCO of wireless networks

One of the biggest hurdles thwarting full-fledge wireless local area networks and other wireless technology foundations is the work that it takes to make the business case and show how much

How to setup a secure WLAN

There's been a lot of news about municipal wireless network plans popping up, but not as much about public sector wireless local area networks (WLANs) that are allowing workers to work wherever,

How to put good WLAN security in place

Despite all the continued hype about the need to be mobile and provide users with data anywhere they are, many enterprises are still shying away from full adoption of wireless local area networks

Expert offers valuable insight on WiFi inner workings

If you've been looking for a knowledge piece that explains WiFi, its inherent workings and the related issues of security and potential congestion, then you'll want to grab a copy of

Tutorial for understanding wireless standards

Trying to decipher, understand and keep up with standards when it comes to wireless technology can be a full-time job; but a

How to stop WiFi thieves

A good first step to securing your WiFi access is to make sure you get a good, enterprise-grade access point and router in place. Then it's time to settle down and secure the APs you've plugged