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Latest Headlines

Disconnect between IT and employees leads to costly mobile data breaches

Mobile data breaches are costing enterprises tens of millions of dollars, and many of them result from a disconnect between IT and employees about mobile data security, according to a report released Tuesday by the Ponemon Institute and mobile security firm Lookout.

Lookout finds 13 malicious Brain Test apps in Google Play

Researchers at security firm Lookout have uncovered 13 malicious apps in Google Play that matched the characteristics of Brain Test, an adware family that roots victims' Android devices.

Lookout takes consumer mobile security expertise to the enterprise

Whether operating in a BYOD or corporate-owned mobile device environment, companies face mobile security risks every day from existing and previously unknown threats. To help enterprises cope with mobile threats, Lookout launched on Tuesday a mobile threat protection platform for the enterprise.

5 hot new enterprise apps: Getting smart with Smartsheet; Lookout app targets IT departments; more

Check out 5 hot new enterprise apps.

New mobile malware poses as FBI, demands ransom

A new malware called ScarePakage seizes mobile phones and pretends to be the FBI in order to coerce users to hand over money to have the device set free.

Scams that take over smartphones for cryptocurrency mining just not worth it

Scammers who take over smartphone processors can use them to mine for bitcoins, and they can generate a good amount of value too--if they commandeer more than 14 million devices. That's the number of Galaxy S3s needed to mine a single bitcoin in one day, according to a blog post from cybersecurity firm Lookout.

Bitcoin mining malware hidden in Google Play apps

Mobile security company Lookout discovered five apps on the Google Play market that provided more than the "beating heart" and "epic smoke" wallpapers they advertised. Hidden beneath the animated veneer was malware that forced the user's smartphone to download Bitcoins, which were then transferred to proxy accounts.

News Scan: BlackBerry loses two more execs; Intel wants in on mobile device chip; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Tuesday, 12/17 including: the ever-evolving leadership of BlackBerry, acquisitions plans by Intel in order to become power player in the mobile chip industry, the rollercoaster of tablet sales, plans for mobile ad revenue to blast off and who is being affected by the strong malware found by security firm Lookout that allows attackers to make phone calls through your device.

Lookout raises $55M to accelerate mobile enterprise security push

Mobile security software firm Lookout has raised $55 million in strategic funding from investors including Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Ventures, Greylock Partners and Mithril Capital Management. Existing investors Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures also participated in the round, which nearly matches the $75 million in funding Lookout has raised since launching in 2007.

Samsung teams with Lookout to beef up Android phone security

Samsung is expected to announce Wednesday that it is beefing up security for its Android phones by teaming with anti-virus software firm Lookout, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.