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Latest Headlines

Large number of Mac users could be exposed to app update loophole

A potentially large number of Mac users could be at risk of man-in-the-middle attacks exploiting a bug in a popular app update code library.

Spotlight: Apple makes Mac email client Airmail available on iPhone

Apple is making its popular Mac email client Airmail available on the iPhone.

Spotlight: Apple has no plans to merge iPad and Mac

Apple has no plans to create an iPad-Mac hybrid, CEO Tim Cook told the Independent.ie on Sunday.

Wake iOS app lets designers share work anywhere

Any designer knows that her work doesn't just appear out of thin air. It takes time to envision a design and build it to a company's liking. Sometimes that design needs extra eyes on it throughout the process. Design-sharing software Wake may be the key to getting these designs in the appropriate hands for critique.

GitHub looks to simplify project contributions with desktop tool

GitHub is hoping to make it easier for developers who use Windows and Mac computers to contribute to projects on its popular version control repository service. The company launched GitHub Desktop, which was designed to simplify some of the key steps in a GitHub workflow.

More than 17,000 Macs infected with malware, recruited to botnet

More than 17,000 Apple Macs have been infected by Mac.BackDoor.iWorm malware that enables hackers to gain remove access to the infected computer, according to security experts with Russian antivirus firm Doctor Web.

Macs get thumbs up in the enterprise

Most of the 200 IT decision makers surveyed by Redshift Research on behalf of Parrallels believe that Macs are more reliable than Windows-based PCs, and close to half of their firms offer workers Macs.

Spotlight: Flashback Mac malware remains a threat

The Flashback malware that infected between 600,000 and 700,000 Macs back in 2012 is still a threat, warns The Mac Security Blog.

Spotlight: New Mac spyware uses old disguise

New Mac spyware has been discovered on VirusTotal that uses an "old trick" to evade detection, according to the Mac Security Blog.

Apple's device popularity in the enterprise brings increasing malware threats

The popularity of the iPad and iPhone has led to a proliferation of Apple devices in the enterprise. But with popularity comes malware targeting Apple devices.