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More than 17,000 Macs infected with malware, recruited to botnet

More than 17,000 Apple Macs have been infected by Mac.BackDoor.iWorm malware that enables hackers to gain remove access to the infected computer, according to security experts with Russian antivirus firm Doctor Web.

Macs get thumbs up in the enterprise

Most of the 200 IT decision makers surveyed by Redshift Research on behalf of Parrallels believe that Macs are more reliable than Windows-based PCs, and close to half of their firms offer workers Macs.

Spotlight: Flashback Mac malware remains a threat

The Flashback malware that infected between 600,000 and 700,000 Macs back in 2012 is still a threat, warns The Mac Security Blog.

Spotlight: New Mac spyware uses old disguise

New Mac spyware has been discovered on VirusTotal that uses an "old trick" to evade detection, according to the Mac Security Blog.

Apple's device popularity in the enterprise brings increasing malware threats

The popularity of the iPad and iPhone has led to a proliferation of Apple devices in the enterprise. But with popularity comes malware targeting Apple devices.

Apple device exploit opens internal networks to attack, researcher claims

Security researcher Bogdan Calin said he could remotely compromise the internal networks of users with default or weak router passwords by convincing them to open an email on their iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Bring your own Mac trend requires rethink by IT administrators

With the growing BYOD trend, employee-owned Macs are proliferating in the workplace, posing new security and support challenges for IT administrators.

Microsoft to Apple and Google: Be afraid, be very afraid

Microsoft's announcement of a cloud-first, touch-enabled Office 2013 was the final shot across the bows of Apple and Google.