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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Ultra-portable PC shipments doubled last year, says ABI

Ultra-portable PC shipments doubled in 2013, reaching 22.5 million units or 12 percent of the total notebook PC shipments, according to ABI Research stats.

Spotlight: Volume trouble for Apple MacBook Air owners

Owners of the new MacBook Air have reported volume control issues following an AirPort Utility update to fix a Wi-Fi problem, AppleInsider is reporting.

Cooling your laptop, jet engine style

Intel unveiled a new cooling technology last week that may have future laptops sitting comfortably on our laps. Designed with ultra-thin laptops in mind, the technology is based on the concept of

Intel shows off new cooling technology for ultra-thin laptops

In anticipation of a rush of ultra-thin laptops from PC makers, Intel unveiled new cooling technology that will help ensure that these thinner models stay cool. According to the general manager of

Designing a dedicated web tablet

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch has issued a call to create a "dirt cheap touch screen web tablet" which will be used primarily to surf the Internet. The basic idea is to give it relatively