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Latest Headlines

Dyre malware attempts to evade detection by checking for analysis tools

The criminals behind well-known Dyre malware designed to steal data and bank account information have upped the ante by upgrading their code to check for the virtual environments commonly used by security researchers to catch advanced malware, according to a new report issued by security firm Seculert

Mumblehard malware targets Linux and BSD systems to send spam

Researchers at ESET uncover a new malware specifically created to run on Linux and BSD systems to send spam.

Infographic: Employees 'going rogue' on mobile app use

Many employees do not think the apps their enterprise provides meet their needs. This is leading to a "going rogue" trend among employees who bring in their own apps, whether IT approved or not.

Massachusetts police department succumbs to ransomware attack

Another local police department recently paid bitcoins to attackers to deactivate the malware known as ransomware. This is an all too familiar scenario playing out within overmatched enterprises across the nation.

Cisco unveils security products to isolate and destroy malware, deal with data breach aftermath

Last year was a security nightmare for many companies as attackers infected systems with malware and stole valuable data using that malware. To help companies combat these threats, IT behemoth Cisco unveiled Tuesday new products to detect and destroy malware, as well as deal with the aftermath of a data breach, should the malware get through all of the defenses.

Spotlight: Energy industry targeted by cyberespionage campaign

The worldwide energy industry is being targeted by a trojan that conducts reconnaissance of compromised computers, according to security researchers at Symantec.

Hackers delivering surgical attacks via ad networks

The practice of delivering malicious ads is on the rise, according to Threatpost. 

Android security bug could enable attacker to replace legitimate app with malware

Android's poor security reputation won't be helped by the recent revelation of vulnerability in the Android OS that could enable attackers to hijack the installation of the Android Package File app and gain control of the device.

This big source of malware on BYOD devices might surprise you

There is no substitute for strong policies and stronger technology when it comes to BYOD security.

PoSeidon is the latest in a long line of POS malware strains

Point-of-sale systems have become the Achilles heel of retailers, exploited by hackers of Target, Kmart, Home Depot and others to steal valuable credit and debit card data.