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Latest Headlines

Malware attacks targeting iOS are on the rise, says Check Point

Malware attacks targeting Apple's iOS devices are on the rise, warned Check Point in its latest Threat Index released Tuesday.

Computer, USB drives at German nuclear power plant crawling with malware, says operator

A computer system used to monitor fuel rods in a Germany nuclear power plant is crawling with malware, the plant's operator, German utility RWE, admitted this week.

Hackers compromise networks in minutes, firms take weeks to discover breaches

In most data breaches examined by Verizon in its Data Breach Investigations Report, or DBIR, released Tuesday, it took attackers minutes to compromise corporate systems, but it took firms weeks or longer to discover the compromise.

Spotlight: Three-quarters of firms have suffered DDoS attack

Close to three-quarters of organizations have suffered a distributed denial of service attack, according to a survey of more than 1,000 IT security pros by Neustar.

Cybercriminals, others turning zero-day vulnerabilities into cash, says Symantec

One new zero-day was discovered on average every week in 2015, or 54 zero-day vulnerabilities in all, a 125 percent increase from 2014, according to Symantec's annual Internet Security Threat Report released this week.

Menlo Security integrates malware isolation platform with Check Point firewalls, gateways

Menlo Security, a security startup that emerged from stealth mode last year, is partnering with Check Point to integrate its isolation platform with Check Point's next-generation firewalls and vSEC Virtual Edition gateways, which protect virtualized environments from threats by securing virtual machines and applications.

Spotlight: ATM malware attacks are on the rise, warns TrendMicro

Malware attacks against automated teller machines around the world are on the rise, warned security researchers at TrendMicro in a blog post Tuesday.

Costa Rica to investigate whether hackers 'rigged' its 2014 election

After scores of reports and complaints, Costa Rica has decided to investigate whether hackers rigged its 2014 election.

Spotlight: Google adds malware, social engineering to its Safe Browsing Alerts

Google is upgrading its Safe Browsing Alerts for Network Administrators to include URLs related to unwanted and malicious software as well as social engineering to the dataset that Google provides to IT admins.

Cybercriminals use FedEx delivery scam to infect victims' computers with malware, warns Comodo

Cybercriminals have been carrying out a spear-phishing attack using malware-laden fake emails targeted at businesses that use FedEx for shipping, warned Comodo Threat Research Labs in a Tuesday blog post.