Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Data-stealing malware hits Starwood POS systems

Starwood Hotels has admitted that it found data-stealing malware on the point of sale systems at more than 50 of its properties.

Spotlight: LinkedIn plugs persistent cross-site scripting hole

Developers at LinkedIn, the social network site for professionals, fixed a persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability that attackers could have exploited to spread malware on the site's help forums.

Trustwave identifies new POS malware just in time for holiday shopping

As the holiday season approaches, malware writers are gearing up for some lucrative targets such as point of sale systems ringing up all of those gifts.Trustwave SpiderLabs has detected a new malware strain targeting POS systems called Cherry Picker POS malware.

60% of businesses are victims of financial fraud, global survey finds

A disturbing 60 percent of businesses have experienced financial fraud, according to a survey of 5,500 company executives and professionals from 26 countries conducted by Kaspersky Lab.

Hackers hijack CDN account of analytics service to spread malware

Hackers briefly took control of analytics service PageFair's Content Distribution Network and used the access to serve up malware on sites that used the service. The attack affected just over 500 websites.

Infographic: Cybercriminals don't care who wins the World Series, as long as they can score

While the New York Mets and its fans are trying to figure how they can come back from a 2-0 deficit in the World Series, cybercriminals are plotting how to use the popularity of the annual sporting event to attack through phishing emails, texts with dangerous links, insecure Wi-Fi networks and more.

Hackers target manufacturing industry in South Korea

Skilled hackers are using Duuzer backdoor malware to infiltrate and steal valuable information from South Korean companies, warned security vendor Symantec.

Malware on a multi-year tear, says G DATA report

Security researchers at German antivirus firm G DATA have found a 64.8 percent spike in new malware strains for the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014.

More iOS apps playing fast and loose with users' data

Security analytics firm SourceDNA uncovered hundreds of apps on the App Store Sunday that can extract personal information from users' devices through private application programming interfaces – all of this under the nose of Apple's famously strict app review process.

Chinese cybercriminals behind massive Ghost Push Android malware campaign

Cheetah Mobile, the mobile security company that first uncovered the Ghost Push trojan targeting Android devices last month, has discovered a network of Chinese cybercriminals making more than $4 million per day off of the malware.