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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Bruce force attacks against cloud infrastructure on the rise

Brute force attacks and vulnerability scans against cloud hosting provider environments have increased markedly, according to Alert Logic's 2014 Cloud Security Report.

'Baby panda' could be hiding in your jailbroken iPhones, iPads

Malware called "unflod" is stealing Apple ID passwords from jailbroken iPhones and iPads, Ars Technica reports.

Infographic: Malware was big in 2013

Malware was big in 2013, and began targeting mobile devices in earnest. The top malware threats last year were ransomware, Android malware, the Blackhole exploit kit and PUPs, according to an Infographic put together by security firm Arellia.

Spotlight: If you're stuck with Windows XP, how do you tread water?

Journalist Andy Patrizio lists the remaining options for software support after Microsoft's long and drawn-out exit.

Malware hijacks smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin

A new form of malware has been introduced that uses a botnet of smartphones to mine for virtual currencies similar to Bitcoin.

Effective IT security program requires investment in people, processes

An effective IT security program requires investment not only in technology but also in people and processes, something that Target failed to do.

Spotlight: 6 steps for fighting SQL Injection attacks

The venerable SQL Injection attack method has a long-standing place atop the leaderboard of SANS' most common vulnerabilities.

Spotlight: New Android bug could 'brick' devices

A new Android bug could cause Android smartphones and tablets to get stuck in an "endless reboot loop," effectively turning the device into a brick, warn Trend Micro researchers

New worm infects thousands of IoT devices, mines cryptocurrency, warns Symantec

A new type of malware, first discovered in November, is infecting Internet of Things devices in order to mine cryptocurrency, according to computer security company Symantec.

Mt. Gox hackers hide malware in data dump

Hackers who infiltrated and commandeered systems belonging to Mark Karpeles, CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, hid bitcoin-stealing malware in documents about missing bitcoins many Gox users felt compelled to download, according to researchers at Kapersky Lab.