Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Infamous RAT reemerges as a subscription-based cybercrime service

A Java-based remote access tool, thought to have been shut down last year, is back, this time as a malware-as-a-service.

WordPress sites under attack by ad-scam malware

A massive malware campaign is underway that is being transmitted via WordPress websites, according to Denis Sinegubko, a senior malware researcher at security firm Sucuri.

Kasidet malware steals page from Dridex and uses Office macros to infect machines

The same macros in Microsoft Office files being used to infect systems with the Dridex banking Trojan are also being used to drop the Kasidet malware on systems, according to researchers at security firm zScaler.

More than one-quarter of all malware ever recorded appeared in 2015, says Panda Security

More than a quarter of all malware every recorded appeared in 2015, as hackers create scores of variations of each malware in a bid to evade detection.

Cybercriminals target WhatsApp users with malware-laden spam attack

Cybercriminals are sending bogus emails claiming to be providing official WhatsApp content, but delivering malware instead, according to a blog post by Comodo Antispam Labs.

Lookout finds 13 malicious Brain Test apps in Google Play

Researchers at security firm Lookout have uncovered 13 malicious apps in Google Play that matched the characteristics of Brain Test, an adware family that roots victims' Android devices.

Spotlight: Hyatt admits that malware infected its payment processing systems

Hyatt Hotels admitted Wednesday that malware had been discovered on payment processing systems at Hyatt-managed locations.

Don't let phishers steal your holiday cheer

At this time of year, phishers increase their activity, sending out bogus emails made to look like official emails from package delivery services to trick recipients into supplying valuable information or downloading malware.

FireEye researchers uncover highly obfuscated, stealthy malware

Researchers from security vendor FireEye have successfully isolated and dissected a new, stealthy malware that has been around for at least two years.

Chinese group uses Dropbox as part of malware campaign

A Chinese cyberattack group is using Dropbox for command and control of its LOWBALL malware campaign, according to researchers at FireEye.