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Latest Headlines

GreenDispenser is the latest ATM malware that steals money out of your bank account

Taking money out of your bank account just got easier, for criminals that is. Security firm Proofpoint has uncovered new malware infecting ATM machines that enable criminals to steal money while remaining undetected by security measures.

More than 4,000 iOS apps compromised by XcodeGhost, says FireEye

XcodeGhost, the malware that infiltrated the Apple App Store through Apple's Xcode app development tool, has compromised more than 4,000 iOS apps, according to research by security firm FireEye.

Kovter Trojan adopts advanced evasion techniques from Poweliks malware

A new variant of the Kovter Trojan is one of the first threats to mimic the evasion tactics and persistence of the Poweliks malware – the first known fileless and memory-based malware, which makes it hard to detect and to remove.

Former AT&T employees deployed malware on its computer systems to unlock phones, carrier alleges

AT&T has filed a lawsuit against former employees for installing malware on its computer systems in order to unlock smartphones so they could be used on other networks.

D-Link mistakenly leaks private keys in public update

Human error could have opened the door for hackers to pass off malware as legit firmware updates from networking equipment supplier D-Link. This possibility came to light after the private keys used to digitally sign software was found to have been mistakenly published by D-Link as part of its open source firmware package.

New Android malware samples could set record this year, predicts G Data

The influx of Android devices into the corporate environment raises concerns among IT security pros because of the shaky security reputation that the Android OS has. Those concerns will not be eased by a report released on Tuesday by antivirus firm G Data.

Microsoft working on large-scale malware scanning, 'detonation' service

Microsoft is working on a large-scale, distributed security service designed to find and eliminate malware, according to a recent job posting for a senior software engineer to join a project team codenamed "Sonar".

Malvertising attacks increasingly target mobile apps, says RiskIQ report

Malvertising campaigns are increasingly targeting mobile apps, according to a new report from RiskIQ.

Minidionis attackers use the cloud to hide malware attacks, says Kaspersky

Hackers behind the Minidionis malware are using cloud drives to store the malware and download it on infected systems from the cloud, making it harder to detect, according to Sergey Lozhkin, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Bromium, Microsoft combine forces to secure Windows 10 with micro-virtualization

Bromium – a security firm spun out of Cambridge University's computer lab – is teaming up with Microsoft to beef up the security of the soon-to-be-released Windows 10 platform, the firms announced at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference being held in Orlando this week.