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Latest Headlines

The corporate spy on your phone

Malware often provides a backdoor into a mobile device that an attacker can exploit. When a user brings his or her personal device into the workplace, that backdoor can then lead to the corporate network.

Marriage of ransomware and bitcoins is no honeymoon for targeted firms

The rising popularity of the malware known as ransomware is targeting small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations who lack sophisticated enterprise security infrastructures. And some of these hackers are increasingly asking for ransoms in bitcoin, rather than cash, to make the ransom difficult to trace.

How hackers could target your storage drives to create a pervasive backdoor

The recent revelation of a NSA-created spyware that targets hard drives has thrown open Pandora's box on a new attack vector. Here are some facts that CIOs and security managers should know about the threat.

Spotlight: Cybercriminals stole $1B from 100 banks, says Kaspersky

Cybercriminals were able to steal as much as $1 billion from around 100 banks in Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany and the United States over a two-year period, according to researchers from security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Mobile malware threats to firms that permit BYOD on the rise

BYOD can be a boon for employee productivity and satisfaction, but it can be a bust for IT departments struggling to protect the corporate network from risks introduced by all of the BYOD devices.

Emergent ransomware evolving to become more dangerous, effective

Ransomware, fueled by the anonymous nature of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, is quickly becoming an efficient means for hackers to extort victims. The success of the malware will lead to more dangerous and pervasive types, according to a security analyst.

NSA offers advice to enterprises confronting malware-wielding attackers

In the aftermath of the major data breaches perpetrated by malware-wielding hackers, the National Security Agency and the Central Security Service have published a report with advice for companies on how to deal with malware attacks.

Spotlight: HP beefs up SureStart to provide self-healing for a PC's BIOS

HP has beefed up its SureStart product to protect PCs from attacks on their basic input/output system, which boots the PC, eWeek reports.

IT teams are failing to take basic security steps, says Cisco survey

To keep up with evolving attack methods, IT security teams need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, more than half of IT security teams say they are not taking basic security steps, according to a survey of chief information security officers and security operations execs at 1,700 companies by Cisco.

Research uncovers security hole in AMD chips that enable attacker to inject malware

A Czech programmer has uncovered a security hole in chips made by Advanced Micro Devices that could enable a hacker to inject malware, The Register reports.