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Latest Headlines

NSA offers advice to enterprises confronting malware-wielding attackers

In the aftermath of the major data breaches perpetrated by malware-wielding hackers, the National Security Agency and the Central Security Service have published a report with advice for companies on how to deal with malware attacks.

Spotlight: HP beefs up SureStart to provide self-healing for a PC's BIOS

HP has beefed up its SureStart product to protect PCs from attacks on their basic input/output system, which boots the PC, eWeek reports.

IT teams are failing to take basic security steps, says Cisco survey

To keep up with evolving attack methods, IT security teams need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, more than half of IT security teams say they are not taking basic security steps, according to a survey of chief information security officers and security operations execs at 1,700 companies by Cisco.

Research uncovers security hole in AMD chips that enable attacker to inject malware

A Czech programmer has uncovered a security hole in chips made by Advanced Micro Devices that could enable a hacker to inject malware, The Register reports.

Malware lifts credit card data from POS systems at Wingstop restaurants

It looks like Wingstop, a restaurant franchise serving chicken wings, is the latest victim of point-of-sale system malware that steals credit and debit card information from customers.

Average of 17,000 malware alerts bombard IT security team every week

An enterprise can receive an average of nearly 17,000 malware alerts in a typical week, according to a survey of 630 IT and IT security pros by The Ponemon Institute sponsored by Damballa.

Hackers pre-loading DeathRing on factory-shipped smartphones

Mobile malware known as DeathRing is being pre-loaded on factory-shipped smartphones destined for the Asian and African markets, indicating that the mobile handset supply chain has been compromised.

Employees pose biggest threat to the security of corporate endpoints

Most IT pros surveyed by the Ponemon Institute believe that negligent and careless employees pose the biggest threat to endpoint security in the enterprise.

Firms squander investment in security technology by not training employees

Enterprises squander their investment in security technology when they fail to invest in security awareness and training of employees, according to a report by Aberdeen Group and Wombat Security Technologies.

'Skeleton Key' unlocks corporate networks to hackers

The "Skeleton Key" malware enables attackers to bypass authentication on Microsoft's Active Directory, which is widely used by enterprises to control access to their corporate network, according to Dell SecureWorks. Hackers can then use a password they select to authenticate as any user on the network.