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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Using big data to improve manufacturing

You'll find an interesting post in the McKinsey & Company blog on how big data can improve manufacturing.

Gartner: Manufacturing, utilities and transportation industry will lead in IoT use next year

Manufacturing, utilities and transportation will be the top three verticals using Internet of Things devices in 2015, with 736 million connected devices in use next year, forecasts Gartner.

IoT, big data and the mother of all manufacturing revolutions

It's not that manufacturing hasn't changed over the years, for indeed it has. Improvements from just-in-time everything to robotics and Six Sigma have made processes better, faster, less wasteful and cheaper. Even so, manufacturing still looked like the same animal throughout those changes. But this animal is changing now and not only its stripes but its shape and nature too.

Security, product quality, downtime worries hold manufacturers back from M2M

Security, product quality and downtime concerns are holding back manufacturers from deploying wireless machine-to-machine systems, judges market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Wireless technology opens up manufacturers to security risks

Manufacturers' increasing use of wireless technology is improving productivity but also increasing security risks, warns IHS Technology.

The mysterious Project Azalea: Was rumored chip plant purely a fabrication?

What happens when two states fight over a proposed 3.2M square-foot, 1,000-job semiconductor manufacturing plant?

Big data pays attention to detail in manufacturing

Software has done a great job automating processes and protecting quality, but big data is helping manufacturers measure their productivity over time and determine the best settings and methods for systems in their plants. 

DDR4 memory adoption to face delays

Despite the publication of the final specification for DDR4 DRAM last September, expect to see DDR3 DRAM on the market for a while longer.

Verizon, Qualcomm form JV for connected machines

The mobile operator industry sees the next wave of growth coming from connected machines. Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm are pushing that vision with a new joint venture that calls for the new entity