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Latest Headlines

Facebook unveils anonymous logins, more granular controls for apps

Facebook on Wednesday announced an anonymous login feature designed to encourage users to try out more apps without having to worry about the revealing too much about themselves or their Facebook activities.

What if the Facebook Platform really became a platform?

Facebook's biggest mistake, Mark Zuckerberg said a few years ago, was investing in HTML5 instead of mobile. Wrong again, but maybe his next act--Parse--is not such a bad idea.

Facebook Messenger users top 200M, says Zuckerberg

More than 200 million Facebook users are regularly using Facebook Messenger, the social networking site's mobile texting app for Android and iPhone, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in the firm's quarterly earnings conference call on Wednesday, Re/code reports.

Tech execs meet with White House over 'too slow' NSA reforms

Google's Eric Schmidt, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and several other top tech executives met with President Obama recently to discuss White House efforts to reform the National Security Agency's surveillance practices.

Report: NSA allegedly posed as Facebook to steal data

New documents have emerged that points to the U.S. National Security Agency impersonating Facebook servers to hack into and steal data from targeted computers. The process was depicted in a one minute "top secret" video that showed what is known as a man-on-the-side attack, one of several techniques used by the NSA to conduct its mass surveillance.

Facebook turns to machine learning

Facebook heavily invested in machine learning this week and is opening new artificial intelligence (AI) labs in New York, California and London, according to an article in PhysOrg. The move was more than wishful thinking. It was a competitive counterpunch to Google's recent wallop in AI advancement.

Facebook Home 'slower rolling out than I would have hoped,' Zuckerberg admits

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted the social networking giant's Home launcher for Android has failed to live up to expectations, but he declined to call the venture a failure.

Facebook suffers Zuckerberg hack, automated scanning snafu

Facebook endured two security-related hiccups last week. Neither resulted in widespread malicious damage, but taken together they show that managing security is still a challenge for the social media platform.

Zuckerberg wants everyone's data

While making the Internet accessible to the nearly two-thirds of the human population currently unconnected is a worthy cause, many suspect there is another agenda at play as well.

Facebook posts blowout quarter, with mobile gains leading the way

Facebook reported second quarter results that blew past analysts' expectations, driven largely by dramatic improvements in the company's mobile business. Specifically, mobile ads generated 41 percent of Facebook's revenues--far exceeding analyst expectations of 33 percent, according to  VentureBeat, and above the 30 percent Facebook reported in the first quarter of this year.