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Latest Headlines

BrainFall ranks all 50 states on the '50 Shades of Grey' scale

The movie  50 Shades of Grey  is dominating the box office now and BrainFall--an interactive media company specializing in producing viral content and interactive quizzes--thought it would be fun to measure and rank all 50 states to find the most and least sexually adventurous locations across the country.

Do Super Bowl auto ads payoff?

Rhiza Ratio looked at four auto makers that have advertised consistently during the Super Bowl between the years of 2010 and 2014 to see if the big ad expenditure was worth the investment.

News Scan: Sprint cuts 452 IT jobs at Kansas headquarters; most firms unable to detect, deter or predict insider threats; More

The top news stories for Oct. 21, 2014.

News Scan: Fed. IT pros know downtime management is lacking; Math may be the problem with the lack of ladies in STEM; More

The top news stories for August 19, 2014.

CMO and CIO courtships could produce tech workers with DNA of both

CIOs and CMOs have turned up the heat on their courtship, and the result could be the demand for a new breed of technology worker that has the DNA of both.

CIOs told: leave innovation to the CMO

Much has been written lately about the relationship between CIOs and chief marketing officers, and now IT leaders are being told they should leave innovation to the marketing side of the house.

Why big data hasn't reinvented advertising… yet

A truly personalized ad would hit the individual prospect's exact buying trigger. Sure, you can use big data to find people with that same trigger. Just don't expect to pull that trigger if the ad copy and pitch doesn't line up with the target.

How to use your website data to help evaluate marketing tools

Sometimes it's not about finding unexpected needles in haystacks of data. On  InformationWeek, Jim Cain contributes a column detailing a very specific use case for very common, but underutilized, data: Web analytics.

Spotlight: The big data question for marketers

There's an interesting post in  ClickZ  on a roundtable discussion held at ClickZ Live New York last week. The question of whether or not big data, or any data analytics at all, are working for marketers was addressed.

Internet of Things will transform supply chain, predicts Gartner

The Internet of Things will enable supply chain leaders to provide more differentiated services to customers through a networked ecosystem that can formulate an intelligent response, predicts Gartner.