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Latest Headlines

McKinsey acquires QuantumBlack to help businesses tackle big data

Consulting firm Mckinsey & Company has acquired data consulting company QuantumBlack in order to offer more big data services to businesses. 

News Scan: Hackers follow government spies; Perception of IT departments drops; More

The top news stories for Feb. 23, 2015...

The CIO under assault

There is growing dissatisfaction with the performance of chief information officer, even among their own IT staff. No wonder some of them believe CIO stands for "Career Is Over."

Gartner: CIOs ready to invest more in mobile tech

A new Gartner study shows business leaders are ready to spend more money on mobile technology--specifically mobile devices and workforce applications. 

Survey: Tech executives tighten their belts

Now is the time to focus on your operations and cut, cut, cut as you face the deepening recession. A new survey of 548 executives by the consulting company, McKinsey & Co., found that 42 percent

Social networking gains traction in enterprise

Late last month, McKinsey released a global survey report entitled Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise. It was the second annual study the company conducted on Web 2.0, and it found that companies that