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Latest Headlines

News Scan: T-Mobile offers BlackBerry customers credit; Sprint Spark phones come up short; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Friday, 4/4 including: T-Mobile's $100 credit offer to BlackBerry customers, the lack of ability to make calls and web browse simultaneously on the Sprint Spark, Google encourages CIOs to get ready for wearables and embrace BYOD, who will dominate the BYOD security market and the decision of Mozilla's new CEO to step down because of his stance on same-sex marriage.

Storage vendors could capitalize on MDM

Server backup software--something of a commodity enterprise IT product--appears to be creeping in on the greener mobile device management market. For CIOs, this may mean bundled solutions are on the horizon or a crossover product, mobile device backup/data protection, could gain popularity as vendors attempt to cross sell these solutions to the enterprise, says Nikolay Yamakawa, a 451 Research analyst.

CIOs better get ready for influx of tablets, smartphones

As employees come back to work after the holiday break, they will be bringing the smartphones and tablets they received as gifts to the workplace and CIOs need to be prepared.

Don't google your corporate MDM policy

Renato Sogueco, CIO of the Society of American Florists, built his company's MDM policy from the ground up. His motivation was rooted in, among other things, the constant frustration of security holes across all mobile platforms.

CompTIA announces program to certify mobile IT pros

To address the growing need for qualified mobile IT professionals, IT trade association CompTIA announced a new CompTIA Mobility+ certification program to verify IT professionals have the skills they need to keep pace with mobile market advances.

Get used to multi-vendor mobility management, says report

Enterprise mobility management will not become easier anytime soon and CIOs should be skeptical of single, silver-bullet solutions, says a new report from GigaOm Research. It's a complex space, thanks to consumerization, the proliferation of cloud-based services and purchasing authority moving toward lines of business, says the report.

Q&A with Christopher Clark of Fiberlink

Mobile device management is expanding to include mobile application, content and context management as well, says Christopher Clark, president and chief operating officer of Fiberlink. In an interview with FierceMobileIT, Clark relates how predictive analytics will transform enterprise mobility and the MDM market over the next 10 years.

One school district's novel approach to MDM policies

As summer winds down and kids get ready to head back to school, education IT departments are shoring up policies on district-issued laptops and tablets. 

Is your company heading for a zombie phone apocalypse?

Like the zombies of popular horror movies, zombie phones are roaming the halls of your organization (or hiding in drawers) and eating away at your financial brains.

Q&A with John Marshall of AirWatch

Enterprise mobility management isn't just about device management anymore, explains AirWatch founder and CEO John Marshall. In an interview with FierceMobileIT, Marshall relates how the MDM market is expanding to include mobile application and content management as well. Marshall sees the MDM market consolidating into a few leading vendors in the next two to three years.