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Latest Headlines

mHealth app helps elderly patients with medical independence

Elderly patients who need help remembering their medication may soon need to look no further than their tablet.

Hospital CIOs struggle with BYOD, Internet of Things

The BYOD and Internet of Things trends are creating security headaches for hospital CIOs, laments Andrew Litt, chief medical officer at Dell's healthcare solutions, in a Computerworld blog post.

Security holes in M2M devices worry enterprises

Security concerns about machine-to-machine communications are on the rise among enterprise users, according to recent surveys conducted by Beecham Research.

FCC takes steps to benefit wireless carriers, medical device makers

Wireless carriers and medical device makers should benefit from a number of initiatives being launched by the Federal Communications Commission to promote wireless medical devices and applications.

Verizon expands health care SaaS utility to smartphones, tablets

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) announced it is expanding its health care "Universal Indentity Services" managed software-as-a-service utility to smartphones and tablets running on the Android, Apple (NASDAQ:

FDA issues rules for mobile medical devices

A new U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rule that governs how hardware manufacturers can introduce new mobile medical devices for use by health care providers has gone into effect. The new