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Latest Headlines

Wireless communications chip demand spurs turnaround in semiconductor market

A strong showing in wireless communications chip demand contributed to a solid 5 percent year-over-year growth in the worldwide semiconductor market, which reached $318 billion in 2013, says IHS. This was in marked contrast to 2012, when semiconductor revenue totaled $303 billion, a 2.4 percent drop from 2011.

Micron develops ultra-fast 'Hyper Memory Cube' memory technology

Micron Technology says it has developed a new hybrid memory technology that the company says will eclipse the performance of existing memory chips by 20 fold. Speaking to CNET, Brian M. Shirley, vice

Samsung ships 40nm, 32GB memory modules for servers

Samsung Electronics has started shipping the first 32GB memory modules meant for servers, in a move which the company says "set the pace in advanced memory for high-end server applications." Indeed,

SanDisk ships new X4 flash memory chips

SanDisk is shipping new memory chips that will allow consumers to store even more data on its flash storage cards. The technology, called "X4," manages to squeeze four bits of data per memory cell

Google: DRAM error rates are much higher than generally believed

The common DRAM modules used in general computing experience higher error rates than previously thought, according to a study by Google and the University of Toronto. By looking at tens of thousands

Intel's new X25-E Extreme SSD blows the competition away

Intel has unveiled a new solid state drive (SSD) in the form of the X25-E Extreme, which is even faster than the X25-M which was released in September. The folks over at the Tech Report got their