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Latest Headlines

Don't ring the QR code death knell just yet

Just a few years ago QR codes promised to be the next big thing – a perfect way to link physical marketing and services to online resources via mobile device. But the technology, which allows users to snap a picture of a checkerboard-like code with their smartphone and be directed to a website or app, hasn't exactly lived up to the hype.

News Scan: Surface retail partnerships; Customer-facing apps have many uses; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/15 including: Microsoft's latest efforts to pair Surface tablets and retailers for enhanced customer experience, why customer-facing apps are gaining popularity in the enterprise, more on China's multi-billion dollar mobility market, Mercedes' stance as top in an advanced assistance systems assessment and the clear text compromise of mobile payment info for Starbucks stores.

Mercedes-Benz sees huge gains in mobile traffic

Mercedes found that by paying attention to users' statistics, they realized a big shift to mobile and answered with a new mobile-optimized web site.

Mercedes-Benz uses social media to drive market research

The 20- to 45-year-old compact-car driver is a primary target for Mercedes-Benz, and the German automaker wanted a better way to tap into this individual's needs and desires. Since members of this