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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Could Dish be looking to buy T-Mobile?

Having lost out on its bid to acquire Sprint and/or Clearwire, Dish Network might be looking to buy T-Mobile, Bloomberg is reporting.

Google Wallet expands to MetroPCS, hints at iPhone support

Google is expanding its Wallet contactless payment service to regional operator MetroPCS Communications,  hinting that a forthcoming revamp of the solution may also introduce support for Apple's rival iPhone.

What effect will the T-Mobile, MetroPCS merger have on mobile IT?

With technology pundits and analysts falling over themselves to comment on the consumer implications of the T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger, you would think that would be the only impacted market. But the merger also has major implications for the enterprise and machine-to-machine markets as well.

T-Mobile USA/MetroPCS merger poses content integration headaches

The merger of Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA subsidiary and MetroPCS Communications not only brings together their respective customer bases and spectrum licenses but also their mobile content efforts, calling into question which services the combined company will continue to offer moving forward.

Livewire Mobile inks digital music deals with Sprint, MetroPCS

Livewire Mobile will power digital music services for Sprint Nextel and MetroPCS, managing sales of full-track downloads, ringtones and ringbacks for both operators.

Dyle outs Samsung Lightray 4G as first local broadcast TV phone

MetroPCS will roll out the Dyle mobile digital TV service via Samsung Electronics' forthcoming Galaxy S Lightray 4G smartphone, reportedly slated for release later this month.

ZTE warns of security vulnerability in Score Android phone

ZTE has confirmed that its Android-powered Score smartphone is vulnerable to a backdoor security hole enabling anyone with the device's hardwired password to access its root directory, allowing

MetroPCS, PrivacyStar team for call and text blocking app

MetroPCS is teaming with phone privacy and protection solutions provider PrivacyStar to roll out Metro Block-it, a call and text message blocking application enabling subscribers to halt unwanted

MetroPCS to preload Dyle Mobile TV service on Android smartphones

MetroPCS is teaming with Mobile Content Venture, the nationwide mobile digital TV effort spearheaded by broadcasters including NBC, Fox and Cox Media Group, to preload the Dyle Mobile TV service

MetroPCS adds Disney/ABC, ESPN to MetroStudio video app

MetroPCS (NASDAQ:PCS) has reached an agreement with broadcast giant Disney/ABC Television Group, enabling the prepaid operator to offer video content from ABC Entertainment, ABC Family, ABC News