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Latest Headlines

OhioHealth uses mobile apps to provide patient-physician communication, transparency of care

Imagine a world where hospital patients can communicate with their physicians and have transparency of care via mobile apps. This is the vision of James Sturiano, mobile device manager of OhioHealth.

Notes on disruption in clinical trial research from the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference

One of the hardest things for any industry to accept is that it can and will be disrupted. The tendency, especially in industries that have existed in much the same way for decades, is to think that processes have been perfected over time and that business will continue as usual. Even when new technologies arise loaded with data collection capabilities and analytics, many see them only as a means to add efficiencies rather than as a mode of change. And so it was that the message of impending disruption and how to adapt came as a surprise to some at the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference, and as welcomed information to others.

US Food and Drug Administration: 'There are no regulatory restrictions to using these technologies'

Leonard Sacks, associate director of clinical methodology at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, gave a very interesting presentation at the N.Y. Academy of Sciences's "Mobile Health: The Power of Wearables, Sensors and Apps to Transform Clinical Trials" event. The big (and most welcomed) surprise to me was his assertion that "there are no regulatory restrictions to using these technologies." Here's what else he had to say regarding the collection of patient data through new devices and apps:

Bernard Munos: 'Disruption happens,' here's how to adapt to it in clinical trial research

Bernard Munos gave a very insightful presentation on creative disruption in clinical trial research and the societal impact of mobile biosensor technologies on human health at the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference. The highlights of his speech are below.

Medidata, Validic expand mobile health ecosystem for clinical research

Medidata, a provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research, and Validic, a digital health platform, announced the integration of Validic's digital health platform with the Medidata Clinical Cloud Tuesday to expand the scope of their mobile health tools for clinical research.

Spotlight: Harris launches mobile version of its FusionFX patient portal

Harris Healthcare Solutions is launching a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices to make its web-based FusionFX patient portal to mobile users, reported Healthcare IT News.

Companies can now opt for wearables as part of a corporate wellness program

Companies wanting to spruce up their corporate wellness programs may find the answer in a new mobile health, or mHealth, product called the Activity Kit Health Solution.

Mobile healthcare means power to the patient

With most patients owning mobile devices, mobile healthcare promises to revolutionize the industry and shift the balance of power from the doctor to the patient.

Apple, Samsung platforms key to use of smartphone accessories in healthcare

Driven by Apple's HealthKit and Samsung's SAMI platforms, healthcare smartphone accessory sales will top $3 billion by 2019, predicts Juniper Research.

mHealth market to reach $6.7B this year; Mayo Clinic launches new health app

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using mobile devices and machine-to-machine communications to diagnose, monitor and communicate with patients, according to new research.