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Latest Headlines

Microsoft provides iOS, Android with SDK to allow offline mobile app access

Proving again that it has shifted its focus to the mobile user, Microsoft announced Thursday that it would offer its offline managed client SDK to the general user base. With the service, users can sync their apps and continue to modify files while they are in unconnected areas.

News Scan: Emory University goes mobile; Tablets to make enterprise comeback; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Dec. 18, including Emory's move to a mobile world, the comeback of the enterprise tablet, the quest for the all-encompassing messaging app, a work around iCloud security and Microsoft reliant on iOS and Android.

Microsoft identifies human error as root cause behind November Azure outage

Microsoft has shared the results of its root cause analysis, and admitted that--surprise--human error was the reason behind the Microsoft Azure outage in November.

Leaked build of Windows 10 preview makes its rounds

The leaked Build 9901 of Windows 10 has been making its rounds, and the general response appears to be positive so far.

Harmon.ie launches unified communications tool to corral data, content

Between cloud services, BYOD, and on-site software, workers use a large and often fragmented collection of apps and services to get things done during the course of a workday. Unfortunately, the "mishmash" approach means employees struggle to find what they need when they need it and sometimes resort to  workarounds if they can't get satisfaction with IT-sanctioned products. 

Microsoft touts improvements to Azure cloud offering

Slowly and steadily, Microsoft is rolling out new tweaks and enhancements to its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft withdraws 2 security updates from December's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft left red-faced as it is forced to pull two security fixes in its Patch Tuesday update for December.

News Scan: Ford ditches Microsoft for BlackBerry; Google releases new Watch Face API; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Dec. 12, including Ford's move to BlackBerry, a new Watch Face API from Android, the eventual rise of 5G, the future of C-RAN technology and mHealth wearables getting a boost.

Microsoft to share more about Windows 10 in coming weeks

Microsoft says it will hold an event on Jan. 21 next year to talk more about Windows 10.

News Scan: Microsoft launches 5 MSN apps for iOS; Apple files for flexible display patent; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Dec. 11, including a slew of new MSN apps for iOS, Apple's new flexible tactile display, the expected growth in the Asia-Pacific mobile market, a new partnership with Storm8 and Hasbro and a new productivity app called Workflow.