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Latest Headlines

HP adds Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to its mobility services portfolio

Building on a recent accord to offer Office 365 as an HP service, HP is adding Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to its mobility services portfolio.

Dell enables Jive to Yammer migration with new automation tool

A new social migration solution from Dell Software will help the company's customers move their Jive content over to Microsoft Yammer.

Microsoft earnings call confirms bright horizon in the cloud

Microsoft continues to wave its cloud computing banner high, as the firm's quarterly earnings call yesterday sounded very much like a rousing pep rally, with cloud service revenues slightly edging out analyst forecasts.

Windows 10 Device Guard will protect enterprises against APTs

Microsoft this week took the wraps off Device Guard, which it says will allow enterprises to lock down their desktops so that only trusted apps can run.

Among cloud professionals at RSA, the question of securing containers took center stage

There has been lots of discussion at RSA about how to approach security with containerization and yet only one thing is clear: best practices don't yet exist.

Microsoft courts cloud-wary enterprises with new Office 365 updates

Microsoft has unveiled new features and initiatives to improve transparency and customers' control over their content in Office 365.

Spotlight: Is Nokia getting back in the mobile phone game?

Nokia is reportedly considering making mobile phones again after selling its handset business to Microsoft, Re/code reported.

IT security is stuck in the 'Dark Ages,' warns RSA chief

Despite all the advances in IT security, we are still living in the "Dark Ages" when it comes to the tools and tactics we cling to from the past, warned Amit Yoran, president of RSA, during his opening keynote address here Tuesday.

News Scan: Microsoft, Yahoo add opt-out clause to search deal; Healthcare the overwhelming favorite hacker target; More

The top news stories for April 21, 2015.

Microsoft dives deep into PaaS with Azure Service Fabric launch

Microsoft expanded its platform-as-a-service capabilities with the release of Azure Service Fabric, a new service aimed at developers and ISVs to help them build cloud-based applications with high levels of both scalability and customization.