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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's $91M man: When is tech exec pay too much?

It comes as no surprise to read that Institutional Shareholder Services is advising Microsoft shareholders to vote 'no' on a proposed $91M pay package for CEO Satya Nadella. After all, executive compensation is one of the most volatile topics in business. Here's why such a lofty pay proposal sends troubling messages.

Is Apple's iPad the right tool for the enterprise?

As iPads sales slow in the consumer market, Apple is accelerating its effort to market iPads to the enterprise market. But Cupertino still faces a number of hurdles in getting iPads into the enterprise

Microsoft explains 11-hour Azure outage as critics find fault with its communications strategy

According to Microsoft, the 11-hour Azure outage earlier this week is caused by a bad performance update to its storage services.

News Scan: Office Mobile app for Android gets Dropbox; Mobility is changing corporate network patterns; more

Read the hottest mobile IT stories for Nov. 20, including the Dropbox support Microsoft has recently added, how mobile devices have changed network traffic patterns, the newest move to mobile from healthcare, Lenovo making up ground on Apple and Samsung for tablets and the new exclusive deal between Foxconn and Apple.

Spotlight: On the 29th anniversary of Windows 1.0

There were any number of other names that Microsoft was supposed to have called the thing, but rumors ran the only mill there was in the technology press of 1985.  

Does Microsoft's Nadella pay package go too far?; IoT adoption jumps by 333% in two years, says new study; More

The top news stories for Nov. 20, 2014.

Microsoft releases unannounced emergency patch for Windows Server

Microsoft has released an emergency patch for a critical vulnerability in Windows Server, as hackers have started to exploit these systems in a limited number of targeted attacks.

Microsoft defends OneDrive change on Windows 10

Microsoft has stepped forward to defend the removal of its smart files feature on the Technical Preview of Windows 10, noting that the move is part of a fresh revamp of OneDrive on Windows.

Microsoft's WinShock patch disrupts TLS connections

Microsoft's security patch for its Secure Channel security package has caused some users to drop Transport Layer Security connections, prompting Redmond to issue a workaround, reports TechTarget's SearchSecurity.

Microsoft to bring core.NET functionality to Linux, OS X

Microsoft last week announced plans to fully open source core parts of the.NET stack, as well as port the.NET runtime to Linux and OS X.