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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's HoloLens: Not so mobile, but powerful smartglasses for the enterprise

Microsoft unveiled last week its HoloLens, a holographic headset and platform that offer the computing power that enterprises need to perform complex task requiring hands-free work and holographic images that can be combined with real images in exciting ways. Unfortunately, it's not all that mobile.

Microsoft to update Windows RT with 'some' Windows 10 functionality

Microsoft says it is working on an update for Windows RT, though its relative silence on its ARM-based version of Windows is telling.

Microsoft announces Office 2016, shows off touch-centric Office for Windows 10

Microsoft has finally taken the wraps off its touch-centric version of Office, one day after its Windows 10 event.

What CIOs are saying about Windows 10

Microsoft released details of its Windows 10 operating system this past Wednesday, Jan. 21, though many CIOs seem much more likely to hold on the upgrade to the new platform. 

Dropbox releases mobile app for Windows smartphones, tablets

As part of its partnership with Microsoft, Dropbox has released an app for Windows smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft unveils Spartan Web browser

The faster, lightweight browser to offer new features such as inking support.

Microsoft takes the wraps off Windows 10

Microsoft took the wraps off its latest operating system--Windows 10--today for a consumer audience. The much-heralded event drew plenty of attention, and presented a number of new features that are sure to please many in the general public.

Dropbox expands mobile talent pool with CloudOn acquisition

Dropbox announced Tuesday its acquisition of CloudOn, an Israel-based mobile productivity startup that creates document editing tools for mobile devices.

Less than 6 months left to retirement of Windows Server 2003

Companies are facing the heat with less than six months until the retirement of the highly successful Windows Server 2003.

Hacker unveils $10 USB charger that steals keystrokes from wireless Microsoft keyboards

Though wireless interception is hardly a new threat, hacker Samy Kamkar has created a cheap, yet highly advanced keyboard logger that he claims to be able to spy on wireless keyboards from Microsoft.