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Latest Headlines

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 central to Windows 10 strategy

Microsoft is getting ready to take the wraps off of Visual Studio 2015, which will become generally available on July 20. But the company unveiled a little teaser on its blog, thanks to S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft's developer division.

One month before Windows 10 launch, Microsoft has a new mission

Today marks exactly one month before the much-anticipated release of Windows 10. It also marks the beginning of a new mission for Microsoft to help every individual and every organization "achieve more' that will shape the company's strategy going forward.

Champion Solutions Group acquires allAware to expand its enterprise mobility offerings

Cloud provider Champion Solutions Group has acquired allAware, a mobile and cloud technology provider, for an undisclosed consideration. Champion Solutions Group said it will expand its Microsoft Cloud capabilities outside of the Office 365 space with the acquisition of allAware, which develops Microsoft mobile apps for organizations.

Microsoft revs up Windows 10 Mobile build process

Now that Microsoft has Windows 10 for PCs mostly ready for its launch next month, it is going gangbusters on Windows 10 for mobile. It unveiled on Thursday yet another build for Windows Insiders to peruse.

Microsoft adds multi-identity support for iOS devices using Office apps with Intune

Microsoft is adding multi-identity support for iOS devices using Word, PowerPoint, and OneDrive apps so that users can access both their personal and work accounts in the same Office mobile apps while Intune mobile application management policies are only applied to the user's work account.

Spotlight: Microsoft launches Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android phones

Microsoft on Wednesday launched its Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android phones.

Arista pushes EOS to cloud with CloudVision SDN architecture

Arista expanded on its EOS network operating system by layering a new product on top of it to provide cloud-based software-defined networking to enterprises. Arista CloudVision is being touted as a turnkey cloud networking product, and it has has support from a variety of other vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, HP, Dell and Red Hat.

Spotlight: Microsoft adds threat analytics, document tracking to EMS

Microsoft is adding advanced threat analytics to its Enterprise Mobility Suite, according to a report by ZDNet.

Firms spending more on POS system security, but still running Windows XP

While companies are spending more money to secure their POS systems, that money is not being well spent, according to a survey of 150 security prosby endpoint security firm Bit9 + Carbon Black. For example, more than half of companies surveyed in the report are still running the unsupported Windows XP operating system for their POS devices.

Docker, CoreOS, plus everyone else in cloud come together for Open Container Project

The idea of a standard container runtime and image format may not be far off. Docker and CoreOS, as well as practically everyone who's anyone in cloud, have teamed up to form a new Linux Foundation initiative.