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Latest Headlines

VMworld 2015 recap: Microsoft, the public cloud and containers

Another VMworld is on the books and, with it, a few interesting takeaways. The event itself said a lot about what the future holds for the biggest name in data center virtualization, but the experts who follow the company said even more. Let's check out what got people buzzing at this year's event.

Microsoft redesigns Skype for Android, iOS for better user experience

Microsoft Thursday released redesigns for the mobile versions of its Skype app on Android and iOS. User experience seems to be the motivation behind the effort.

Spotlight: Apple, Cisco back Microsoft in its case about U.S. access to data stored in Europe

Microsoft is taking on the full litigious force of the U.S. governemnet in a case that raises the question of what kind of data law enforcement agencies can access, according to an article from Bloomberg.

Users finally start ditching older versions of Internet Explorer in numbers

The release of Windows 10 and the new Edge browser is finally causing an impact in the user share of old and soon-to-be obsolete versions of Internet Explorer browsers, according to a new report on Computerworld.

Puppet Labs heads to Windows Server with new modules

New modules will help to bring continuous delivery to Microsoft Windows Server Update Service and PowerShell Desired State Configuration. Puppet Labs introduced modules for both Microsoft products that builds on the company's existing support for Windows.

Microsoft beefs up G-series of Azure VMs

The largest virtual machines on Microsoft Azure are getting even bigger. Microsoft increased the maximum storage size and throughput of the GS-series of Azure VMs.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others join forces to create open media standard

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and Google announced yesterday their Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration to reduce their respective reliance on expensive patented media technologies.

Spotlight: Windows 10 up to 5% market share after 1 month

Windows 10 is now the fourth most used OS after just a month of being live.

Microsoft working on large-scale malware scanning, 'detonation' service

Microsoft is working on a large-scale, distributed security service designed to find and eliminate malware, according to a recent job posting for a senior software engineer to join a project team codenamed "Sonar".

Cloud Cruiser helps track hybrid cloud usage, costs

The latest cloud usage tracker tool comes from Cloud Cruiser, and its aim is to provide analysis of hybrid cloud usage. Dubbed CloudSmart-Now, the analytics tool provides the ability to track hybrid cloud usage by user and costs so organizations can better understand both the operational and financial costs associated with the cloud services they use.