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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

With Windows Server fading away, Microsoft unveils Azure storage appliances

There may be less of a role for Windows Server in the data center than ever before. Ironically, what takes its place could very well bear Microsoft's trademark.

Microsoft: No more US IPv4 addresses left for Azure users

So many users of the company's infrastructure service have apparently sought static IP addresses for their VMs that now it has to borrow addresses from other countries.

Microsoft puts products where its mobility mouth is

Microsoft this week backed up its enterprise mobility vision with some concrete products announced at its TechEd North American conference.

Climate change could erase Microsoft's Iowa data center tax savings

While Iowa celebrates its largest single investment outlay from a single company in its history, something else of historic proportions may dampen its spirits: the weather.

Spotlight: Microsoft makes Azure Virtual Networking easier, cheaper

Microsoft's Azure Virtual Network provides a way to extend a corporate networking via connection to the Windows Azure public cloud over a VPN--however, the initial implementation had a number of limitations.

Did a hacker bring down Google?

All of Google's services went dark on Friday, and so far Google has provided no explanation for the outage. Still, there was immediate dialogue about whether a hacker or hacker group could be responsible.

How 3M leveraged Azure to launch new service

The benefits of cloud infrastructure are well known and ones that are repeated often. Still, the story of how a manager at 3M successfully leveraged Microsoft Azure to launch a new business may well inspire enterprises to look further.

New Sitecore release to leverage the cloud

Sitecore announced this week that the next version of its content management system, CMS 6.3, will support the cloud. It also said it will partner with three major cloud providers: Amazon, Rackspace

Open Text announces immediate support for Microsoft Azure

Wasting little time, Open Text announced support for

Microsoft unveils new cloud computing platform

Microsoft made quite a splash this week when it announced its new cloud computing platform called Azure. The platform will give IT and vendors the ability to add web services to existing