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Chef integrates automation platform with Microsoft Azure

A partnership formed between Microsoft and Chef will see Chef's automation platform and DevOps platforms appearing on the Azure public cloud offering. According to the two companies, they have been working together for the last year trying to integrate Chef's IT automation capabilities with Microsoft's cloud.

Microsoft provides iOS, Android with SDK to allow offline mobile app access

Proving again that it has shifted its focus to the mobile user, Microsoft announced Thursday that it would offer its offline managed client SDK to the general user base. With the service, users can sync their apps and continue to modify files while they are in unconnected areas.

Akamai reports last IPv4 addresses are being exhausted

The constant drain on the remaining supply of IPv4 addresses may finally be relenting, although in certain geographic regions, they're still being sucked out as with a straw.

Hatch bill would give Microsoft way out of Irish email warrant trap

Microsoft could not help but violate somebody's law this time around. In an ironic twist of history, the man most responsible for holding Microsoft to the letter of the law paves the way for a resolution.

Microsoft adds API management API to Azure

A new service launched on the Azure cloud platform Wednesday enables developers building business models around the sharing of data in granular bits or tabular chunks to instantly generate API portals.

Microsoft Azure now provides back-end support for.NET apps on Android, iOS

If Windows Phone's market share never exceeds 10% again, it might not make much difference. Microsoft is building out its revenue platform for mobile services anyway, whether or not Windows plays a role.

With Windows Server fading away, Microsoft unveils Azure storage appliances

There may be less of a role for Windows Server in the data center than ever before. Ironically, what takes its place could very well bear Microsoft's trademark.

Microsoft: No more US IPv4 addresses left for Azure users

So many users of the company's infrastructure service have apparently sought static IP addresses for their VMs that now it has to borrow addresses from other countries.

Microsoft puts products where its mobility mouth is

Microsoft this week backed up its enterprise mobility vision with some concrete products announced at its TechEd North American conference.

Climate change could erase Microsoft's Iowa data center tax savings

While Iowa celebrates its largest single investment outlay from a single company in its history, something else of historic proportions may dampen its spirits: the weather.