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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google Container Engine now generally available

Google Container Engine went into beta in June, and after a two-month preview period, the cloud provider's container management and orchestration tool is now generally available to Google Cloud Platform customers.

Microsoft's container strategy demystified

Microsoft has more than dipped a toe into the containerization pool, but the company's container strategy is anything but simple.

Spotlight: Mail your hard drives to Google

Who needs fast connections to the cloud when you have FedEx (or UPS or the USPS, etc., etc.)? After a two-year preview, Google officially launched what it's calling the Offline Media Import/Export service.

vCloud Air is doing just fine, says VMware executive

When it comes to putting together a list of major public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings, VMware's vCloud Air doesn't typically come to mind. VMware has been vying for a space in the public cloud for some time now, but from an external perspective, vCloud Air doesn't really seem to be a contender.

The rumors are true: Rackspace will launch Fanatical Support for AWS

It appears the rumors were indeed true. Rackspace is getting ready to launch its Fanatical Support managed cloud service for Amazon Web Services.

Hotlink enables multi-cloud management in vCenter

VMware vCenter is getting an update so it can manage multiple public clouds. Well, sort of. It's not VMware that's rolling out these new capabilities, but rather server virtualization management tool vendor Hotlink.

Why Rackspace may just come out the cloud winner, after all

A year ago, many of us in the media were speculating on what exactly was going to happen to Rackspace, which at one time seemed like it was going to be a dominant player providing a strong alternative to Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft pairs Cortana with analytics services

Microsoft is getting ready to release several business intelligence analytics and machine learning services paired with a Cortana front-end. The combined cloud service offering isn't quite ready yet, though. It will be available in preview this fall.

Rackspace inks deal to offer Fanatical Support on Azure – and AWS may be next

It seemed like just a matter of time before Rackspace began offering its Fanatical Support managed cloud services on Microsoft Azure. The managed cloud provider has already launched versions of Fanatical Support for Google Apps for Work and Office 365. And now, through a partnership with Microsoft, it is providing those same services for Azure.

Appcito puts CAFE ADC on Azure

Appcito launched a new purpose-built application delivery controller for Microsoft Azure. Dubbed Cloud Application Front-End Proxy, the new offering provides enterprises with Layer 4-7 services within Azure.