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Latest Headlines

Azure PowerShell 1.0 is now available

The preview for Azure PowerShell 1.0 is over, and the Microsoft task automation and configuration framework is ready for use with mission-critical applications.

Spotlight: Cloud providers will expand use cases in 2016, says Forrester

This is the year that cloud became mainstream, so as we look ahead into the next year, cloud providers are going to begin expanding their use cases, according to Forrester Research.

Azure launches public preview of Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Microsoft unveiled the public preview of a new Azure Compute resource designed to help deploy and manage collected virtual machines as a set. Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets won't be for everybody; instead, according to Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, scale sets are best suited for large-scale services for "big compute, big data and containerized workloads."

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is now the 'preferred' Linux choice on Azure

Red Hat has struck a deal with Microsoft to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux the preferred choice for running Linux workloads on the Azure infrastructure as a service offering.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry's latest release promises faster time to production for apps

Pivotal unveiled a new version of its Cloud Foundry offering meant to make it even faster to get an application developed and into production.

Ellison: The early cloud companies were cloud before the term was invented

There's an old saying. The Internet never forgets. It's a saying that Larry Ellison might want to learn following his Sunday night keynote presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2015. The man who famously mocked cloud computing several years ago has come full circle and embraced the concept of cloud. It's not surprising. It just took Ellison and Oracle awhile to figure out that how businesses consume software was changing.

The old Microsoft is dead

Sometimes I wonder what parallel universe I've accidentally stumbled into. Microsoft executives aren't talking like the company's executives of old. They're using phrases like "open source" and words like "Linux." And they're saying good things about both.

Spotlight: Microsoft Azure PowerShell 1.0 preview goes live

It's now quite ready for mission-critical applications, but the Microsoft Azure PowerShell 1.0 preview is now available through the PowerShell Gallery (and on WebPI within a few weeks)

VMware supports OpenStack Kilo, AWS GovCloud in vRealize Automation 7

VMware introduced new versions of its vRealize Automation and vRealize Business products at VMworld 2015 Europe in Barcelona, Spain. The new releases include greater support for more cloud architectures, including OpenStack Kilo and AWS GovCloud (U.S.), but are also intended to help DevOps teams simplify and speed up application delivery.

Spotlight: Rackspace makes it easier to move from on-premises to AWS

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Rackspace is teaming up with Amazon Web Services to help enterprises migrate from on-premises systems to the the AWS public cloud.