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Latest Headlines

Apple targets Windows users with free iWork products

Apple has released the Web-based iWork for free on its iCloud beta site.

Apple makes iWork for iCloud app suite free on all mobile devices

In a move to expand its influence among the professional set, Apple has opened its iWork suite up free of charge for any device without the need to own one of the company's tablets, phones or computers.

iPad users in the enterprise: Looking for Mr. Good Doc

For enterprise users of iPad who need to work with business documents, don't fret. There are alternatives to the Microsoft Office for iPad app, notes James Kendrick with ZDNet.

Spotlight: What Microsoft's next Office B-roll shows, and what it doesn't

In a tape released Thursday, we see the earliest public pictures of Microsoft trying to make a touchable Office for Windows as good as its touchable Office for Android. 

Microsoft, Dropbox team up to integrate with Office 365

Microsoft and Dropbox have announced that they will be teaming up to integrate support for Dropbox into Office.

Microsoft throws open the door to Office 365 with release of APIs

Microsoft has opened up its Office 365 cloud offering with a set of APIs that third-party developers can tap into from their Web services and mobile apps.

Not just Salesforce for Windows, Salesforce for Office

This week's Dreamforce 2014 kicked off with a Microsoft announcement. That fact alone reveals how dominant Salesforce has become in recent months.

Spotlight: Is email sharing of cloud-based files really better?

It's obvious enough that the current system of attaching files to emails in such a way that they can only become accessible by  opening  them through the operating system has been dangerous for over a decade-and-a-half and has to be replaced.

Details about next version of Office start to emerge

Screenshots and other details of the next version of Microsoft Office have leaked, which various minor tweaks--and the retention of the ribbon interface.

Box expands unlimited storage to lower-cost Business plan

Box says it will offer unlimited storage to its lower-cost Business plan, and announced upcoming plans to integrate more closely with Microsoft's Office 365.