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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Apple mulls mobile payments; Surface comes up for air; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 1/27 including: Apple's possible adoption of mobile payments, a recent boost in Microsoft's Surface sales, CPG brands' use of mobile marketing to reach customers, semiconductor growth due to wearables and IoT devices and Sprint's new course of action in job cuts.

Spotlight: Microsoft releases Surface Pro, RT tablets to 17 new markets

Microsoft announced yesterday that it's releasing it's Surface Pro and RT tablet sales to 17 more commercial markets, according to  PC Mag. 

Microsoft to debut aggressively priced Surface tablet in October

Microsoft will start selling the Windows RT version of its highly anticipated Surface tablet on October 26, with a price that may start at as low as $199.00.

Microsoft announces Windows RT, Windows 8 tablet partners

Microsoft Vice President Mike Angiulo said that several top tablet manufacturers will be releasing new Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets on October 26--the same day that Windows 8 ships and the same day that Microsoft will release the Microsoft Surface RT.

Don't let your company be collateral damage in the tablet wars

You need to actually decide what it is that you need a tablet for. Do you have a mobile sales or service force? Do you have a lot of meetings in diverse locations inside the company or out? Do you spend a lot of time in the field or travel a lot? What applications and what level of security do you need?

Spotlight: Microsoft's Surface strategy explained

The launch of the Surface tablet was a lot more than just a potentially cool piece of hardware that Microsoft needs to run its new versions of Windows 8.

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8

To answer the first question that everyone is going to have: Existing WP7.5 phones will not be able to upgrade to WP8.

The Microsoft Surface could be your company's best tablet choice

The after-the-fact sniping has already begun now that Microsoft has announced the new Surface tablet, which was one of the company's best kept secrets in years.

Microsoft unveils Surface tablet in effort to go Apple one better

For IT departments, Microsoft has finally delivered a tablet that is sleek and well-designed, so people will want to use it, and that provides a familiar support profile, has familiar security requirements, and will fit into the existing IT environment. Equally important, the Surface will work with existing networks, existing printing, and existing software.